Kensdock report: 2010 NJ flounder season options submitted to asmfc

 Here  are the six options that New Jersey submitted to the asmfc for the 2010 flounder season:
May 29  Sept   6} –  6 fish at 18″      
May 23  Sept   6} – 4 fish at 18″

May 13  Sept 13} – 6 fish at 18.5″
May 29  Sept 26} – 6 fish at 18.5″
May 21  Sept 12} – 6 fish at 18.5″
May 29  Sept 17} -6 fish at 18.5″ 


From my experience most true recreational salt water fishermen favor the season that puts them on the water for the longest period of time. The party boat lobbyist and their friends will show up” at the marine fisheries meeting pushing for the smallest possible size limit at the expense of season length. Last year  the chairman of the council went through the options, asking those that favored the option called to raise their hand. The option that produced the most hands is the option that won council approval. It is the people that show up” on election day that are counted. It appears that it is the same with the nj marine fisheries council. Try to  show up at the meeting, it makes a difference.

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