Kensdock Report :New Jersey Assembly Budget hearing 23-2011


March 23, 2011


New Jersey Assembly Budget Committee Members: 

A choice was made by Governor Christie, the NJ Senate and the NJ Assembly when they cosigned the free fishing registration bill into law recently and in doing so, a commitment was implied to increase funding for the NJ marine fisheries. I urge you to follow through with this commitment and budget at least $4 million dollars for NJ marine fisheries in FY2012.

Please consider the full cost of the commitment to make NJ the only state in the nation that does not require a saltwater license or a fee to register as a saltwater fisherman:

 1} If NJ required a fee of $15  to register saltwater fisherman or a saltwater license, 800,000 NJ saltwater fishermen = $12,000,000. Note: The feds charge $15 and most states are close.

                                              $12,000,000 Dollars

2} In FY2012 New Jersey will receive the minimum of 1% of the Dingell – Johnson Sport Fishing Restoration Fund,{ $389,000,000 in 2010}. If NJ charged a fee to register saltwater fishermen and $1” of that fee was for the NJ Marine fisheries, NJ could receive the maximum 5% of the DJSR fund.  

                                              $15 million dollars

3} NJ is losing grant money; due to the fact New Jersey budget appropriation committees  are underfunding the Division of Fish and Wildlife.

Grants like the $150,000,000 federal grant Florida was scheduled to receive last year. Florida planned to build saltwater hatcheries, creating 3,129 immediate construction jobs and 169 permanent jobs.

Kenneth McDermott III

Vice President

New Jersey Saltwater Sportsmen’s Alliance

Cape May/Cumberland County Chapters

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  1. Barbara Brita
    March 31, 2011 at 8:30 pm

    Congratulations dear brother-in-law on your latest achievment. Barb

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