Kensdock Report: Weakfish

Today’s fishing trip include a weakfish, John caught the weakie on a bucktail. We briefly tried an old weakfish spot just to see if any weakfish at all had moved in, I was surprised to see the weakfish as the stock is extremely low.  The weakfish was returned to the water alive. We also put three keeper flounder in the box to 22”.  The water temperature was as high as 78 degrees, the water claity was an 8. We fished three hours today.

  1 comment for “Kensdock Report: Weakfish

  1. chip gruff
    June 15, 2011 at 1:01 am

    6/14/11 my girl & I were riding the boat back in this afternoon. we were getting near 429 marker when we came apon a raccoon swimming acrost the channel. a huge flock of seagulls were chasing it until it made it to the road. saw a dolphin last week near smugglers.

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