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Kensdock report: Spring 2013 Cape May point, NJ weakfish

The first couple of weeks in June is  traditionally a great time to be fishing for weakfish in Cape May county, NJ. The rock jetties at Cape May point are an excellent spring weakfish spot. Fishing for weakfish from the beach around the gun mount at Cape May point State Park can also produce some nice weakfish. Even though the area around the gun mount has been filled in with sand, by the beach replenishment program, some nice holes still exists. If you put a little time in you can locate the holes that can be fished from the beach. After locating the holes, you will have to figure out when the weakfish are feeding. The weakfish will feed only  for a very short period of the tide, maybe an hour at any one location. Remember that could leave up to  23 hours that the weakfish will not be feeding! Here is a couple of tips for fishing Cape May point,NJ, the weakfish usually start feeding at the gun mount at the lower part of the tide and by the high tide the weakfish are located at Higbee beach wildlife management area.  The best bet early in the spring or until  the water temperature  has remand 62 degrees for 3 consecutive days, is to use blood worms for bait,   The Cape May way of fishing bloods for weakfish is from a float or bobber with the worm set about 18″ under the float. Wind direction can turn on or shut down the weakfish bite at Cape May point. I have found a very light South wind to be the best for this location. Fishing for weakfish is best when you have a high or low tide at sunrise or sunset. 

6-7-09 Kensdock fishing report{ First Mako shark of the season}

Sportfishing boat Gaphia has the bragging rights to the first mako to hit the scale at Jims’ B&T in Cape May this season, also the first mako of the season in the port of Cape May. The mako  weighed 178 pounds. Crew member Tony was the angler. They also had some blue sharks. Looks like it could be a good year for the South Jersey Shark tournament! The South Jersey Shark tournament is this weekend. I caught keeper flounder number 50 today. I look for the flounder bite to slow down until the tide cycles around. The flounder bite is always better when we have at least a 4.2 high tide during day light hours.The water temperature was 62.5 degrees on the in coming tide. The wind was about 15 mph out of the south. flounder 047

6-6-09 Kensdock fishing report 10:25 pm

I had one of the top fisherman in Cape May County, NJ 
 aboard my boat today. ED Teise has won more weakfish tournaments than anybody alive in Cape May County, NJ. We unleashed the dock lines at 6:30 PM. Today we were looking for flounder. We ended up with seven keepers to 23.5flounder 046“. It was a little chilly for June, the up side  no bugs.Water temperature was 63 degrees. The water was not as clear as I like it. I like to  flounder fish hard  while the flounder  are available in the back bay.  This is  a very good week to hunt for weakfish. I know the numbers are down, but if you want to catch weakfish this week traditionally is a top producer. A few weakfish were checked in at Jims’ B&T this morning one was 34”. They had seven weakfish all together. flounder 045

Cape May Mako season 6-5-09 8:00 pm

83000004 A few  basics  to pay attention to when fishing for Mako sharks:
1)  do not leave the dock without a Roffer’s’ report. I get one even though I have up to date reports from commercial fishermen. If you are fishing with a captain that does not know what a Roffer’s report is chances are you are only going for a boat ride!
2) If you are going to compete in the tournaments invest in a Mako magnet they work!  I have seen sharks, tuna and blues come right up and put their nose on the thing.
3)  Makos return to the same wreaks and edges ever year, seek out information as to what areas hold makos when the conditions are right.
4)  a crew with a plan. Every crew member should know how to leader a mako, gaff, shoot and run the boat. 
5)   the first boat on the structure has a significant advantage.  Leave early and run hard! 
6) stay on the structure! not almost on it !
7) make sure your bait is alive and your chum is fresh.  

6-4-09 Kensdock fishing report 8:00 pm

With the threat of a thunderstorm lurking over me, I headed to a favorite weakfish spot today. After only a few cast I could see that the conditions were not good for weakfishing at this spot,  due to the speed and drift of my lure.The sky was darkening with thunderstorm clouds, at that point I know I only had a short time left on the water. Even with the threat of thunder, I had to stop at the spot I caught the flounder at yesterday.Sure enough I caught three keepers in only a couple of minutes. I found myself for the second day in a row racing a thunderstorm to my dock. The water temperature on the in coming tide was 63 degrees.The wind was out of the north east.
Stripers big stripers 47″ and a 42″ were caught today from the beach. I told the guy that caught the stripers I would not give his spot up. With the distance he had to drag the stripers, I doubt he will keep any more of them.

flounder 043

6-3-09 Kensdock fishing report


I headed out flounder fishing today at 6:15 pm. The fishing was slow at first, we picked just two keepers in an hour of fishing.We started to run  home due to a thunderstorm.I stopped at a spot for just a second on the way in. The second turned into twenty minutes but we left with eight keepers in the boat. We also beat the thunderstorm home.Wally Bachman is in the lead in the good old boy flounder tournament with 35 keepers and 359 throw backs. Wally was the winner of the 2008 Avalon manor opening day flounder tournament. He placed second in that tournament this year.  The good old boy flounder tournament runs for the entire flounder season. The fishermen with the greatest amount of keepers at the end of the season is the winner.

6-2-09 Kens’ dock fishing report

I headed out today about an hour before high tide flounder fishing. Unfortunately I got caught in a thunder storm after only minutes of fishing. A couple of 40″ stripers were dragged off the beach today in Cape May.  The big bass are not venturing very far into the back bays. I know of only a couple that have been taken inside of the ocean drive bridges.

6-1-09 Fishing report from Kens’ dock 9:05 pm

Today was windy and chilly on the water. I was out flounder fishing at high tide today for about an hour. I boated four keepers up to 25″. Some real trophy striped bass have been caught from the beach the last couple of days. Mike had  50 plus pounder from Avalon beach. There was a 53 pounder taken from Cape May point beach. Many stripers weighing in the 40s and 30s have also been caught. This continues to be the best spring beach fishing for  striped bass in at lest 50 years.  flounder 037flounder 035

5-31-09 Back Bay fishing report

flounder 034I was out today flounder fishing.The boat traffic was relatively light for a weekend in late May. I was able to fish an area I usually only fish during week days. I had four nice keeper flounder,I lost count of the throw backs.The water temperature ranged from 61-64 degrees.