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September Striped Bass

One of today's striped bass

One of today’s striped bass

The back bay water was like glass today , I could easily see the pods of mullet, as they moved around the sound without being attacked. Great to see them show up, but I didn’t see any numbers of fish pushing them today. The water clarity has improved to a 7. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the clearest. I like to see it hold at an 8 or above for a week to really kick things into action. The water temperature was 70 degrees.

Summer weakfish 2015

IMG_3067 The hunt for quality summer weakfish (4lb-10lb+) can challenge the skill-set of the best saltwater fishermen on the planet, at times. It’s comparable to catching 30lb-50lb stripers in the summer,in Cape May county,NJ. Yes, there are guys that do catch big bass in the summer. Harry Allemio of Cape May, is one of them elite striper fishermen. Ed Teise is one of the elite when it comes to catching weakfish. Ed takes a second for the above picture, before he released this July 2015 tide-runner weakfish. Ed is a full-time Law enforcement officer and runs a summer business. Obviously, fishing time is limited. He plans his fishing trips precisely around high percentage moon phase tides,to optimise his time.

A late night 2015 summer weakfish

A late night 2015 summer weakfish

August weakfish bite in Cape May,NJ


August 2014 weakfish

26″ August 2014 weakfish

I fish hard and often, but a Saturday night fishing trip is usually off-limits for me, saved for entertaining. However, this Saturday night I was able to fish. Ed had been flounder fishing with me earlier in the day,  and  invited me to fish  a weakfish spot that has been red-hot.  Ed Teise has earned a reputation as one of  New Jersey’s  top weakfish specialist. Knowing  the night tides of August hold  quality weakfish, coupled with Ed’s reputation,  I was gearing up early.  As we cautiously  worked  our way across a slew , that runs through a sand  flat, pods of  bait fish could be seen moving over the flat. The weakfish and stripers could be heard popping, each having a signature sound. It was a cool ” August night,   that proved to be well worth the loss of sleep.