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Striped bass on the flats during mid-day

Kept one of today's striped bass for dinner, a 30

Kept one of today’s striped bass for dinner, a 30″ er.

Beautiful, glass calm gin clear waters. Very quite , zero fishing pressure, no wave runners, absultly nobody around. This makes for a good time to stalk striped bass up on the flats. It is very much like fishing for bonefish on the tropical sand flats. The difference being, striped bass are bigger and strong game fish. Striped bass are caught in a number of ways,trolling,chumming with clams, drifting live eels, all fun. However, catching these world class game fish in the shallow waters of our sand and mud flats, on light tackle or  fly rod, is truly sport fishing at its best.


Summer striped bass bite


One of today's stripers takes a close look at my lure.

One of today’s stripers takes a close look at my lure.

Today felt so much like fall, I decided to forgo flounder fishing  to hunt summer stripers.  It was refreshing to find them with very little effort. I was sloppy in my approach to the spots , but I still hooked up at most locations. In one  area they were feeding on peanut bunker and they had no interest in my favorite paddle tail. What is exciting is the amount of bait fish I continue to see in the area this year.  If the numbers of bait fish hold, this fall striper fishing will be much better than last year.