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7-28-09 Kensdock Weakfish meeting/ answers RFA and Charter ass. President Tony Bogan

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                                I have been bashed by JHutchinson of the RFA and Tony Bogon of the Charter boat ass. for urging people and their members to speak for them self’s by sending comments to the ASMFC asking for a closure  of  commercial fishing for weakfish and a closure of recreational fishing during the spawn.  Here is  my response:


The reason I urge fishermen to make comments directly to the ASMFC on the weakfish population and not to depend on the RFA to speak for them is right in “your mission statement”. The weakfish population would be last on the RFA mission list to be considered before you take a position on the regulations. Not only did I read your mission statement, I have witness it with fishing regulations and other issues” over the years. I am an avid reader of the NJ angler , NJ Fishermen and other national fishing magazines I have not seen your plan for saving the weakfish. There is two days left to comment if you would like your comment heard at the August 19, ASMFC meeting. I follow Capt. Tony and your mind set: We can not have Charter boats or tackle manufactures loose money” by pushing a closure to save the weakfish! ASMFC said they are all going to die anyway!! I will not stand behind that mind set!! To reiterate for the umpteen time. The first step is a complete closure of commercial fishing and recreational fishing in the spawning areas. The ASMFC is quick to respond to comments. Unfortunlitly the condition of the weakfish seems to be worse than they expected.

No hard feellings Tony and Hutchinson that is the way it is,


nmeserve@asmfc.org Send your comment time is short.

If you took the time to read ASMFC site on weakfish you would find they only have “theories” on the decline of the weakfish.You can bet the farm that if the ASMFC allowed the entire commercial fishing fleet loose without a limit on the amount of fish to be killed on any species of fish you would find them in the same state of devastation. Maybe you are not familiar with the proficiency of modern commercial fishing operations. Here is an example: A good friend and a big player in the commercial fishing industry told me he caught in one set 1,000,000 individual weakfish. The estimate was made by an onboard observer. Most of the fish were released. Capt. TB, do you seriously buy into the ASMFC theory that a mysterious natural killer slaughtered the weakfish off? Capt. TB, do you still represent the Charter Boat Association? Does your family member represent the RFA? Do you have family or friends on the ASMFC council? I am wondering why you are so upset that I am encouraging people to make comments directly to the ASMFC ?

I said, The “obvious first step” would be a complete closure to all commercial fishing for two years and a closure to recreational fishing during the spawn. If the ASMFC would do at least this, we will see a spike increase in the weakfish population. I will bet the farm on it!

The flounder bite has been slow the ast couple of days in the back bay. The offshore flounder bite has been slow due to ocean conditions. I will poke around tomorrow in the back bay for flounder and the inlet and right outside the inlet. The flounder should be hiding in that area some where. I just spoke with a commercial fishermen that was fishing off of Cape May NJ the last seven days at a place called the elegant trunk.They did not see a tuna the entire time. The water was blue with 50ft. of visibility. Usually this time of the year they have a school oftuna behind the boat all day. If you are thinking of making a tuna run you may want to wait a few weeks.

Fish that visit Cape May County,NJ

In the spring as the water warms into the 40s the striped bass will start to show up . Flounder have become the main event in the spring for back bay fisherman. They can show up as early as late March ,but do to State regulations the season will not open until the first week in June. Historically, weakfish have been the main target of anglers in the spring. Their population has decline dramatically over the last eight years to the point that few fisherman target them. Black Drum fishing is a local tradition. The Black Drum bite starts on the first full moon in May and will continue thru June.. In late spring the offshore big game season will begin with the mako shark migration. Summer brings blue marlin, white marlin, tuna, swordfish, Wahoo . Cape May is home to the richest marlin tournament on the planet. Fall brings excitement for surf and back bay anglers. Giant migratory striped bass will show up in the surf with the first cold north west wind. Huge speckled trout will stalk the crystal clear sound waters. The local waters will hold some of the largest speckled trout in the Atlantic ocean when all the conditions fall in line. I will post a few more pictures soon. The wind is blowing 30 mph the temperature is 28. Today is close to the first day of winter. It is safe to say fishing in Cape May co. will be slow until spring. Merry Christmas, Ken