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6-22-09 Kensdock fishing report

I was standing on my dock today about 11:00 AM,  I decided to take boat ride to see how the water looked. It was dirty but not as bad as yesterday and a lot cleaner than I expected.I had 10 minutes to fish. I caught two keeper flounder. A good sign considering the water condition. The water temperature was 67.3.

First summer flounder? 4-15-09

I have been looking at the upcoming weather this week  IT looks like we should have some descent weather the next few days. I look for the first flounder or weakfish to be caught by Sunday. Remember only reports with pictures count when it comes to the first fish of the season. Some tackle shops like to count  here- say reports  when it comes to the first weakie or flounder, do not buy it. Check out the picture of  the  summer flounder. I caught,  all from the Back Bays of Cape May co. last May.ody-pics-0254