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Kensdock Report: NJ Speckled sea-trout (Specs)


One day in November 2008 I was on my way home in my skiff . The sky was blue with big, cumulus clouds and the water looked tropical. The air was cool with the smell of fall. I had left my dock at 2:00 AM to hunt Speckled sea trout. Armed with over four generations of local fishing knowledge and a passion for fishing that has cost me, well a few friends. I know it was a tall order to catch a speck for Elise’s special recipe. To catch a speckled trout in Cape May County, NJ a multitude of conditions most converge. Water temperature, wind direction, wind speed , water clarity , salinity level and noise level, i.e., wave runners, cigarette boats, and other fisherman. This morning I felt good . All conditions were falling in line. I just need one thing, luck! When I had finished tying the boat up. I was staring at two speckled trout . I had a great fishing trip and Elise had her fresh speckled trout. I also returned with something more! I had a realization, If I had choice to live any where on this planet , I would pick my home right here in Cape May county NJ. I love it here Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall!

Kensdock Report: MID WINTER UPDATE

Mid winter update: The 2012 NJ flounder season will be liberalized via a longer season, shorter keeper size or a combination of the two. The reason, NJ fishermen underfished the 2011 flounder quota. I am not surprised at all, considering NJ only had about 250,000 saltwater anglers register in 2011, 2011 was the first year for the saltwater fishermen registry in NJ. In the past NOAA would estimate the amount of NJ saltwater fishermen, 1.35 million NJ fishermen at one point, an astronomical over estimation. No need to consult a math professor to reason that New Jersey is owed a substantial increase in the 2012 flounder season quota.

Striper fishermen can no longer use the American eel for bait. It has been added to the federal list of threatened species, along with a federal fine for taking or injuring an American eel (Pending).  Herring a favorite bait among Striper fishermen and early season flounder fishermen will no longer be available for bait, as herring seasons have been closed in all waters.

The NJ 2011 deer season harvest was up in the north, down in central and in the south. In Princeton Twp hunters killed 171 deer, this however was not enough. Princeton  hired White Buffalo Inc.  to cull deer on some  private and county property that is to densely populated for hunting. Some of the deer are literally feeding under swing sets in back yards.  .223 cal. rifles with suppressors will be used from elevated stands.  Some net and bolt will be used in areas where firearms cannot be used. Remember, at one time Princeton Twp. NJ was one of the only towns in the nation that did not” allow deer hunting.  After realizing the ramifications of an out of control deer herd, they now proactively seek to keep the deer herd within the carrying capacity of the habitat.

Deer hunters in NJ are permitted 6 antlered deer, a combination of all seasons fall archery, muzzle loader, shot gun and winter bow. However, only 4 deer hunters out of about 100,000 harvested all 6 antlered deer.

NewJerseyfish and wildlife’s pheasant farm was damaged during Hurricane Irene, thousands of pheasants flew the coup during the storm. NJ fish and wildlife reached out toMarylandfor pheasants {at a cost} for their obligation to pheasant stamp holders.   F&W is seeking a FEMA grant that will help pay for the pheasants and rebuilding the farm.

NJ Deer Check stations are now a thing of the past; hunters must now report their deer via phone or internet. You will receive a number that must be attached to the deer through all processing.

Kensdock report: The conservation/fishing United States president.





Fishing buds laud ‘conservation president’


April 20, 2010, 10:31PM


From left, Robert Rich Jr., a writer and fisherman; Andy Mill, a tarpon angler; Paul Dixon of the Anglers Club of New York; and Johnny Morris, founder of Bass Pro Shops, share fishing stories as a photograph of former President, George H. W. Bush, is displayed with a tarpon.

They called him “the fishing president” back when George Herbert Walker Bush occupied the White House. An avid fisherman for more than 80 years, Bush angled for tarpon off Boca Raton, peacock bass in Brazil, albacore off Harper’s Island, N.C., bone fish off the Florida Keys, among countless other fishing adventures throughout the world.

Now that he’s 85 and his days in the stream are behind him, several of the president’s old fishing buddies decided to come to him Tuesday night. In a program at the George Bush Presidential Library at Texas A&M University, they helped him relive a few of their many fishing adventures.

In brief remarks to an audience of about 500 at the library auditorium — old anglers, Boy Scouts and the general public — Bush himself, a self-described “fishing fanatic,” recalled hooking a chipmunk while fishing at Kennebunkport, but more often than not, said his friend Robert Rich Jr., founder of Rich Foods, the former president knew what he was doing. He was unfailingly modest, though, Rich recalled. After a day of fishing, he’d occasionally report that he was up against “Saddam Hussein fish — they always close their mouths when I come around.”

His father taught him to fish and he kept it up through his presidency and until just a few years ago.

“It means a lot,” he recalled in a film clip made while he was still president. “I like to get away and I like to be totally isolated — no telephones, no TVs.”

“The Secret Service — he used to drive ’em crazy,” said Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris. “If there was a hurricane coming, it was a good sign. He’d go fishing.”

Perhaps Bush’s favorite game fish was the tarpon, creatures that weigh up to 300 pounds. Andy Mill, a former Olympic alpine skier and a Bush fishing buddy for more than 20 years, recalled the former president tangling with a 6-foot-long, 135-pound tarpon off the Florida Keys in 2008. Bush landed the fish after a 45-minute struggle.

“This tarpon was a huge thrill,” Bush said in a film clip.

Morris lauded his longtime fishing buddy as the man who had more to do with bringing back the striped bass than anybody.

“He’s our conservation president,” Morris said. “People would be amazed about this, but President Bush established more national wildlife refuges than any other president, including President [Theodore] Roosevelt. He established 56 new wildlife refuges in America. President Bush restored and protected 3 million acres of wetlands during his tenure. …”



7-28-09 Kensdock Weakfish meeting/ answers RFA and Charter ass. President Tony Bogan

speckled trout 031 
                                I have been bashed by JHutchinson of the RFA and Tony Bogon of the Charter boat ass. for urging people and their members to speak for them self’s by sending comments to the ASMFC asking for a closure  of  commercial fishing for weakfish and a closure of recreational fishing during the spawn.  Here is  my response:


The reason I urge fishermen to make comments directly to the ASMFC on the weakfish population and not to depend on the RFA to speak for them is right in “your mission statement”. The weakfish population would be last on the RFA mission list to be considered before you take a position on the regulations. Not only did I read your mission statement, I have witness it with fishing regulations and other issues” over the years. I am an avid reader of the NJ angler , NJ Fishermen and other national fishing magazines I have not seen your plan for saving the weakfish. There is two days left to comment if you would like your comment heard at the August 19, ASMFC meeting. I follow Capt. Tony and your mind set: We can not have Charter boats or tackle manufactures loose money” by pushing a closure to save the weakfish! ASMFC said they are all going to die anyway!! I will not stand behind that mind set!! To reiterate for the umpteen time. The first step is a complete closure of commercial fishing and recreational fishing in the spawning areas. The ASMFC is quick to respond to comments. Unfortunlitly the condition of the weakfish seems to be worse than they expected.

No hard feellings Tony and Hutchinson that is the way it is,


nmeserve@asmfc.org Send your comment time is short.

If you took the time to read ASMFC site on weakfish you would find they only have “theories” on the decline of the weakfish.You can bet the farm that if the ASMFC allowed the entire commercial fishing fleet loose without a limit on the amount of fish to be killed on any species of fish you would find them in the same state of devastation. Maybe you are not familiar with the proficiency of modern commercial fishing operations. Here is an example: A good friend and a big player in the commercial fishing industry told me he caught in one set 1,000,000 individual weakfish. The estimate was made by an onboard observer. Most of the fish were released. Capt. TB, do you seriously buy into the ASMFC theory that a mysterious natural killer slaughtered the weakfish off? Capt. TB, do you still represent the Charter Boat Association? Does your family member represent the RFA? Do you have family or friends on the ASMFC council? I am wondering why you are so upset that I am encouraging people to make comments directly to the ASMFC ?

I said, The “obvious first step” would be a complete closure to all commercial fishing for two years and a closure to recreational fishing during the spawn. If the ASMFC would do at least this, we will see a spike increase in the weakfish population. I will bet the farm on it!

The flounder bite has been slow the ast couple of days in the back bay. The offshore flounder bite has been slow due to ocean conditions. I will poke around tomorrow in the back bay for flounder and the inlet and right outside the inlet. The flounder should be hiding in that area some where. I just spoke with a commercial fishermen that was fishing off of Cape May NJ the last seven days at a place called the elegant trunk.They did not see a tuna the entire time. The water was blue with 50ft. of visibility. Usually this time of the year they have a school oftuna behind the boat all day. If you are thinking of making a tuna run you may want to wait a few weeks.

6-12-09 Kensdock fishing report 8:45 pm

flounder 054flounder 053flounder 049The Keeper flounder are still in the back bays. After all the reports of limit catches of flounder from the reefs, I had to check my back bay spots for flounder. Sure enough I caught a keeper flounder in minutes of fishing. I have family coming from out of state to  flounder fish and they do not like the ocean. I was glad to see the keeper flounder are holding in the back bay.
I stopped down to the South Jersey Shark tournament weigh in scale. I saw a few nice makos along with blue sharks and threshers.The Great White Shark” that was caught on the ******** I missed. The crew thought they had a mako. The scale master would not allow the fish to be weighed. Moments later the coast guard showed up. The coast guard confiscated the boat and the great white shark. Great whites are federal protected. The fine is fifty thousand dollars!!. It would be  a good idea to make sure you know the difference  between a great white and a mako shark  before you go shark fishing. Let a lone take a shark that you are not sure what species it is to a weigh station with state biologist, TV camorras and a crowd of  people!