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Kensdock Report: August Back Bay Summer Flounder 2013

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The August  back bay flounder bite continues to be slow but steady. Wayne and Jon put off their annual June flounder fishing vacation until August, due to the record rain fall in June (poor fishing conditions).  They fished five of their 7 day vacation in the back bay. We found keeper flounder on every trip coupled with weakfish.  The water temperature was 72 degrees on the top of the incoming today. Fishing pressure has been very light in the back bay during the week.

Kensdock Report: MID WINTER UPDATE

Mid winter update: The 2012 NJ flounder season will be liberalized via a longer season, shorter keeper size or a combination of the two. The reason, NJ fishermen underfished the 2011 flounder quota. I am not surprised at all, considering NJ only had about 250,000 saltwater anglers register in 2011, 2011 was the first year for the saltwater fishermen registry in NJ. In the past NOAA would estimate the amount of NJ saltwater fishermen, 1.35 million NJ fishermen at one point, an astronomical over estimation. No need to consult a math professor to reason that New Jersey is owed a substantial increase in the 2012 flounder season quota.

Striper fishermen can no longer use the American eel for bait. It has been added to the federal list of threatened species, along with a federal fine for taking or injuring an American eel (Pending).  Herring a favorite bait among Striper fishermen and early season flounder fishermen will no longer be available for bait, as herring seasons have been closed in all waters.

The NJ 2011 deer season harvest was up in the north, down in central and in the south. In Princeton Twp hunters killed 171 deer, this however was not enough. Princeton  hired White Buffalo Inc.  to cull deer on some  private and county property that is to densely populated for hunting. Some of the deer are literally feeding under swing sets in back yards.  .223 cal. rifles with suppressors will be used from elevated stands.  Some net and bolt will be used in areas where firearms cannot be used. Remember, at one time Princeton Twp. NJ was one of the only towns in the nation that did not” allow deer hunting.  After realizing the ramifications of an out of control deer herd, they now proactively seek to keep the deer herd within the carrying capacity of the habitat.

Deer hunters in NJ are permitted 6 antlered deer, a combination of all seasons fall archery, muzzle loader, shot gun and winter bow. However, only 4 deer hunters out of about 100,000 harvested all 6 antlered deer.

NewJerseyfish and wildlife’s pheasant farm was damaged during Hurricane Irene, thousands of pheasants flew the coup during the storm. NJ fish and wildlife reached out toMarylandfor pheasants {at a cost} for their obligation to pheasant stamp holders.   F&W is seeking a FEMA grant that will help pay for the pheasants and rebuilding the farm.

NJ Deer Check stations are now a thing of the past; hunters must now report their deer via phone or internet. You will receive a number that must be attached to the deer through all processing.

Kensdock Fishing report ASMFC no action taken on flounder overage

 ASMFC Summer Flounder, Scup, and Black Sea Bass Board Takes No Action Regarding Projected Recreational Overages Washington, DC – The Commission’s Summer Flounder, Scup, and, Black Sea Bass Management Board (Board) met via a web-based conference call yesterday and decided to take no action regarding potential overage in the 2009 recreational fisheries for black sea bass, scup, and summer flounder. The recreational fishing community should be prepared for considerably reduced fishing opportunities next year due to anticipated large overages in the 2009 harvest of scup and black sea bass. “The take away from yesterday’s meeting was the clear message from the Board that 2010 recreational size limits, possession limits, and/or seasons will be significantly restricted for the 2010 recreational fisheries,” stated Board Chair A.C. Carpenter. Last month the Commission’s Interstate Fisheries Management Program Policy Board had unanimously directed the Board to take action prior to September 1. The Board was presented with recreational harvest projections for black sea bass that indicated the harvest target could be exceeded by 86% to 165%. Based on these projections, the Board considered and rejected a motion to close the black sea bass recreational fishery on September 30, 2009. The motion failed with four votes in favor (Virginia, North Carolina, National Marine Fisheries Service, and US Fish and Wildlife Service) and seven votes in opposition (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland). 

I was out scouting in the back bay today. I found  pods of mullet  with stripers feeding on them. The water was on th dirty side. The water temperature was 71 degress.

8-4-09 Kensdock fishing report

greek salad 012Tim this is a very tough time of the season to catch keeper flounder in the back bay after about July 15 in our area the bite slows. The only area that has produced keeper flounder  in the last couple of days is in and around Hereferds  and Townsends Inlet. I would try fishing between Wildwood Blv. bridge and the toll bridge on nummy island or between the Yacht club and the toll bridge over Townsends inlet. The number one thing to have aboard is patients this time of the year. The rig I would use is a 1oz bucktail white with a trail hook st back about 18″. I would use white Gulp swimming minnow on both the bucktail and the trail hook.Check out the picture. As for crabbing invest in a  commercial crab pot. Set the commercial pot before you start crabbing with the traps or hand lines. I would pick a spot off of what is called the foot ball field away from the main channel and current. Near the top of the tide move back to the stakes off the foot ball field. The football field is the stretch of channel markers   that border the Great sound. I was out yesterday and caught and released one keeper flounder. The water temperature was 66.6 degrees. The water visibility was 6ft. the water had a green tint apposed to the blue tint that has been present all season. Dr. Gary and ED fished yesterday in the back bay and caugnht 5 keeper flounder to 22″. This is an excellent catch for back bay flounder fishing in August.greek salad 011greek salad 010

First summer flounder? 4-15-09

I have been looking at the upcoming weather this week  IT looks like we should have some descent weather the next few days. I look for the first flounder or weakfish to be caught by Sunday. Remember only reports with pictures count when it comes to the first fish of the season. Some tackle shops like to count  here- say reports  when it comes to the first weakie or flounder, do not buy it. Check out the picture of  the  summer flounder. I caught,  all from the Back Bays of Cape May co. last May.ody-pics-0254