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Today’s Back bay summer flounder trip


The best area based on wind direction and resent reports was far from the spots I fished today. I did not have the time to fish the hot/correct location. However, after spending an hour and a half on the water, three keepers were flopping  in the cooler. The fishing pressure was none existent . The water temperature was 65 degrees. Water clarity was good – fair. The special ingredient during this fishing trip was patience‎.


First light weakfish bite


First weakfish of the morning

First weakfish of the morning

The early rise was tough but quickly forgotten.  The sun peeked from the  crystal blue atlantic. The outgoing tide formed an eddy in front of me.  Moments later I felt the distinct thump of a weakfish hit. Great way to start the day! Flounder fishing on tap this afternoon. Update to follow.

Black drum bite is hot on the Jersey side, Summer flounder


Summer flounder season 2014 is underway.

Summer flounder season 2014 is underway.

Slaughter beach on the Delaware Side of the bay is still producing black drum. That spot is a 12 mile run from the Cape May canal. The good news for fishermen docked in NJ is the black drum have set up on our side of the bay. Bob Lasko and crew boated nine black drum on a recent trip, some  topped out at  over 60 pounds. Jason and crew won the middle twp. drum fish tournament with a 89 pounder. If you want to catch a black drum now is the time.

The summer flounder opener was good. However, here in Cape May County most of the flounder caught were under the  18″  size limit.  Gary had  three nice size keepers. Reeves and crew boated 7 keepers .  Debbie from the Grassy Sound marina reportedly weighed in a nine pounder. I have been busy catching spring  weakfish. I will make my first flounder trip this week and I will post the results. The water temperature in the back bay today was 62 degrees on the top of the tide.


Kensdock Report: Watch Jimmy Fee and Chris Megan catch spring weakfish

There was at least one nice tide runner weakfish caught today in a  back bay area of Cape May County. A few nice summer flounder were caught and released in grassy sound today also. There was also some weakfish caught by perch fishermen in their fyke nets in Atlantic County today. There was one confirmed 24″ striper caught from the beach yesterday.

Spring weakfish On The Water TV show:



Kensdock Report: Commercial fishermen lead the way to sustainable yield / Spring Weakfish

Commercial fishermen are not an enemy of sport fishermen. Bad regulations are the enemy. Sustainable yield fish stocks ensure the future of both commercial and sport fishing. Commercial fishermen supported a moratorium on weakfish, when some recreational fishing groups would not do so.

Today, Atlantic sea scallop vessel owners voluntarily contribute $10 million a year from their harvest to pay for ongoing scientific research on scallop populations.

They also earned a sustainable yield certification recently:

“This is an American fisheries success story,” said Attorney John Whiteside, who represents the ASA and led the certification effort for the industry group. “The certification is further validation for the efforts of an industry which worked together to progress from the brink of oblivion to prosperity.”

Dr. Kevin Stokesbury, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Fisheries Oceanography at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth School for Marine Science and Technology (SMAST) who served as the ASA’s lead consultant through the three and one-half year review process said “The industry deserves this. It’s a well-managed fishery. It has come back to sustainable levels. The sort of cooperation offered by the scallop industry doesn’t come along every day.”

Their road to recovery included closed seasons and financial sacrifice.  Sport fishermen should  bring the same tenacity to the fish management table. Here in New Jersey it is free to saltwater fish. However,  we do not have a reliable funding source for marine fisheries management.  As the scallop fishery has proven , NJ saltwater fishermen would be much  better served by funding marine fisheries management with their own dime.

 Spring Weakfish 2014

The first weakfish of the spring  has been caught in Cape May co. NJ. They have also been caught just south of Cape May in the Delaware canal. If you are interested in catching weakfish check out the May issue of On The Water magazine:   http://www.onthewater.com/issues/

Kensdock Report: Cape May Striper bite hot for a few


Missy Alcorn with a nice late season Striped Bass

The striper bite here in Cape May County  has been hot over the last week for those in the know.  For those that are not in the loop it has been slow  fishing.  The  lumps just off the beach about two miles have produced a good amount of keeper stripers for the fisherman that have stayed dialed in.  The Delaware Bay has  consistently produced some heavyweight stripers  for a few sharpies, they are not the information sharing type.

Kensdock Report: NJ Red Drum


CJ Polhamus with a beautiful  Red Drum. CJ has been targeting Red Drum this fall from the beaches of Cape May County,NJ and obviously doing well. Many have been catching red drum this fall with bait, however CJ  has been catching them exclusively  with lures.


Fred with a Red drum that he caught this fall  in the back waters of Cape May County,NJ.  He caught the red drum with a mirro-lure.

Kensdock flounder fishing report: Stay home

Here is June 2012 flounder fishing report, worst June  flounder fishing in my lifetime….  My Son and I did have one limit day, on Memorial weekend. At this point, most fishermen are catching zero keeper flounder and maybe two shorts after an entire day of flounder fishing.

12-01-09 Kensdock Report

On Thursday, December 3 at 10 a.m., the New Jersey Senate Environment Committee will meet in Room 10 on the third floor of the State House Annex in Trenton. At the top of the day’s hearing agenda is Senate Bill 2194 sponsored by Sen. Jeff Van Drew (D-Cape May) and co-sponsored by Sen. Christopher “Kip” Bateman (R-Somerset), a bill which create a free recreational saltwater registry in New Jersey in order to comply with new federal fisheries guidelines for data collection.

As written S2194 would specifically direct the Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), in consultation with the Marine Fisheries Council, to establish and implement a registry program for saltwater recreational anglers modeled on the registry program to be established by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric

 This bill will keep NJ in step with its reputation for investing in short term economic solutions. It will not provide the smart investment in the future of salt water fishing that a salt water license will provide.

New Jersey has between   800,000- 1.4 million NJ anglers depending on the year. That would generate about 40 million annually. New Jersey Anglers have lost  about 100 million dollars of their far share of Federal excise tax funds due to the fact that New Jersey lacks a salt water license. Just this last year we lost millions of dollars in  stimulus money and all the benefits to salt water fishing that went with it.  Please take a look at states like Florida,SC and others that have had a Salt water fishing license in place for a minute.You will find excellent fishing and economic benefits that you will not find in NJ!!  Why, because they have invested wisely in their recreation fishing resource via a salt water license. I am not surprised that the recreational fishing alliance {RFA}is opposed to a New Jersey salt water license as they always go for short term economic gain. It is time for New Jersey Anglers to invest in the future by supporting a salt water license. As the polls indicate NJ anglers would not mind kicking in a few dollars to improve their salt water fishing.