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Cape May County ‘s resident striped bass


Wayne shows one of today's stripers

One of today’s striped bass

Striped bass fishing in Cape May County, NJ  has been  dependent upon our local striper population, so far this season. The conditions necessary for the migratory fish to  show up , wind direction, water temperature and other factors, have not lined up yet and may not. Mother nature dictates the conditions, every year is unique.   However, if you arm yourself with information specific to fishing for our resident striped bass,  your catch rate will skyrocket. Watch for upcoming articles in On The Water  magazine (New York/New Jersey)  for detailed information on this subject.

Kensdock Report: Last U.S. smelting plant closing will cost outdoor sportsmen

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The closing of the last United States  lead processing  plant will force all lead to  be shipped in from over seas, with the exception of recycled lead. The closing is a direct result  of  a 1000% increase in new  U.S. DEP requirements. Do not blame President Obama, the rules were  set in motion before he was elected.   The cost of processed lead in the United States will skyrocket.  Hunters, fishermen and the target shooter will feel a direct hit. Lead jig heads and ammunition  are expected to rise. The U.S. military stock piled ammunition  at a historic rate prior to the closing. This caused an ammo shortage and a record price increase  in itself.  However,  the military induced  price increase  will pale in comparison of what is to come.  Aviation fuel requires 2g lead per gallon. The extra cost will push jet fuel cost   and without doubt increase  airfare.  The smelting plant closing will reach far beyond increasing the cost of outdoor sports. It will create a redistribution of wealth, pushing more U.S. dollars to china and peru.  The smelting plant was in business for a 120 years. Now it becomes a victim of the American manufacturing blight,  joining the  U.S. steel plants in Pennsylvania and the auto manufacturing plants of Detroit .



Kensdock Report: NJ Delaware Bay artificial reef

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The  NJ DEP, NJ F&G,  NJ Federation of Sportsmen’s clubs, NJ Outdoor Alliance and the JCAA  have  been  closing in on approval for New Jersey’s first artificial reef site in the Delaware Bay. While the exact site has not been chosen, conditions needed for approval favor the lower bay. This Delaware Bay reef site has the potential to be the most productive fishing location on the east coast.

Kensdock Report: Governor Chris Christie

Love him or hate him,  Chris Christie is New Jersey’s  most popular Governor in the history of New Jersey.  There are many reasons for his overwhelming popularity. However, the fact that he is a very likeable  person  is surely  part of it. 


Our Dayna  and  Governor Chris Christie.

Kensdock Report: November fishing update,specs,stripers, RFA

                             2010 New Jersey speckled sea trout
NOnamementioned  is top hook in Cape may co.NJ  with eight speckled sea trout.This is a sad, considering Ed has caught  75 + NJ  specs many seasons in the past.  The spec fishing has been extremely tough, with only fisherman with extensive local knowledge, big game hunter patients and luck have caught.The specs have quickly gone the way of the weakfish.Why have specs declined to this point in NJ? Myself and a few other concerned fishermen attended a NJ marine fisheries council meeting, we spoke with head biologist Tom McCloy about the NJ speckled sea trout. His answer in a nut shell, Nj fish and game does not have the money to do the nessaccary studies to declare an interest in the speckled sea trout with the feds.This leaves the NJ speckled sea trout population exposed to unlimited commercial fishing. This is one of many reasons that many sportfishing groups including the 100,000 member NJ federation of sportsmen,  Cape May County Party boat ass., and many other true recreational fishing groups are pushing for a NJ saltwater license. However, the so called Recreational fishing alliance opposes a NJ saltwater license. I debated at length the NJ saltwater license issue with Jim Hutchinson jr managing director of the RFA on the Bass Barn site, a poll was taken after the debate on the 24,000 member site, they favored a NJ saltwater license 2-1!  Consider the following,the RFA` would not support a moratorium on commercial fishing for weakfish, to spite the fact the weakfish stock is in a dangerously depleted condition. The RFA~ would not support a cites listing for bluefin tuna! A cites listing would have cut off the cash of the Japanese bluefin tuna  buyers worldwide { they have paid 100,000 dollars for one bluefin tuna} putting unsustainable pressure on the bluefin tuna stock worldwide. A cites listing would have  left the domestic markets open for bluefin. I should mention a cites listing for bluefin tuna would not have changed the recreational bag limit one iota. The RFA`will not support a saltwater license knowing NJ  fish and wildlife does not have the funds to manage our fish stocks or enforce New Jerseys fishing regulations. New Jersey has  9 million residents and the forth largest commercial fishing take in the United States and NJ only has NINE” marine conservation officers.   Striper fishing has been excellent in the Delaware Bay with 50 pound class fish being caught every fishable tide. However the beach fishing has been the slowest in years. Keeper bass are being caught but the big schools of stripers have not shown up not on the beach or offshore. Resident short striped bass are being caught in the back bay with a few keepers being taken from the toll bridges at night.