5-25-09 9:30 pm Fishing update Cape May co.,NJ

I headed out weakfishing to day at 7:00pm . The spot I fished is a  favorite wading location of a few avid anglers. Chuck, Harold, Chuck with the flounder and myself fished the last of the incoming tide. Blues, Flounder and herring were caught during the time I was there. I fished about an hour. Weakfish still have not shown up in Cape May co. with the exception of the ten  or so that have been caught, mostly by  guys fishing for stripers. Fishermen that are using clam as bait and fishing from the  surf continue to catch some beautiful striped bass. As Chuck has shown, the big striped bass will hit plugs that are fished correctly! The flounder bite`has slowed due to the over cast weather and the water temperature dropping to 54 degrees.flounder 025flounder 021

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