6-4-09 Kensdock fishing report 8:00 pm

With the threat of a thunderstorm lurking over me, I headed to a favorite weakfish spot today. After only a few cast I could see that the conditions were not good for weakfishing at this spot,  due to the speed and drift of my lure.The sky was darkening with thunderstorm clouds, at that point I know I only had a short time left on the water. Even with the threat of thunder, I had to stop at the spot I caught the flounder at yesterday.Sure enough I caught three keepers in only a couple of minutes. I found myself for the second day in a row racing a thunderstorm to my dock. The water temperature on the in coming tide was 63 degrees.The wind was out of the north east.
Stripers big stripers 47″ and a 42″ were caught today from the beach. I told the guy that caught the stripers I would not give his spot up. With the distance he had to drag the stripers, I doubt he will keep any more of them.

flounder 043

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