6-11-09 Kensdock mako shark fishing, spot picks. 7:00 pm

Excitement is in the air  among shark fishermen in Cape May with the anticipation of the first day of the South Jersey Shark tournament that begins  tomorrow. To my chagrin I am not fishing the tournament tomorrow. If the water condition are good, here is were I would be  shark fishing. If I was not in the Mako Mania Calcutta, I would be fishing for threshers. A thresher  shark will most likely take the heaviest shark in the tournament. The old grounds would be my pick for threshers. For Makos I would be heading to the Elephants trunk. This area is being fished by the commercial scallop boats at this time. The scallops are cleaned at sea and the bellies are thrown over board creating a massive food source. Inside of the elephants trunk there is a pimple a { raise in the sea bottom} I would start my day at this spot. There is  a wreak in the trunk area called the Arlinne {not sure if the spelling is correct} this would be my second pick. If you fish this spot in the morning bring a camora and a gun. Good luck to all, Ken
The flounder bite was outstanding today in the ocean. The guys I spoke with were fishing  inshore lumps and structure off of wildwood. They caught 18 keepers to 7 pounds.

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