6-16-09 11:00 pm Kensdock fishing report

Today it felt like late October not June! I had a long john short on with long pants, I was chilly the entire time I was fishing. We did have an excellent 2 hours  of flounder fishing in the back bay. It is imperative that we back troll in the area we fished today, not usually a problem but with 20  knot NE wind  it made for a wet fishing trip. I figured it would  be wet, I also was confident that the flounder would be stacked up in this small area under these conditions. We boated ten keeper flounder and left before the bite ended! Weakfish? Tex caught a ten pound weakfish in the back bay recently. If you are willing to put the time in it is still possible” to catch a weakfish in Cape May co.. The ASMFC will meet in August to review the weakfish management plan. If, they choose to close commercial and recreational fishing for weakfish for just a short time, I am confident that the weakfish  population will improve. I can also assure you  that if they choose not to close the weakfish harvest we will see the weakfish on the endangered species list.flounder 064flounder 065

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