8-30-09 8:15 pm Kensdock fishing report

I was out flounder fishing today and yesterday just short trips about an hour a trip. I was fishing the top side of the tide. Yesterday the water visibility was excellent. I was fishing in 23 feet of water and I could clearly see may bucktail as it danced a cross the bottom. I would say visibility was about 50 feet. The area in the inlet I was fishing was full of peanut bunker and mullet. The boat traffic and wave runners made it hard to take advantage of the pockets of bait fish. I did manage to catch a couple of keepers. I was unprepared for the situation. I was fishing with my favorite bucktail rig. When the flounder are feeding on mullet and peanut bunker the best bet is live bait fished under a float rig. The flounder season is coming to a close this Friday. It has been an excellent season in the back bays of Cape May County, NJ. The flounder bite slowed down after the 15 of July but it never stopped. This week has produced some nice keepers in spite of all the thunderstorms. The water temperature was 74 degrees today at the top of the tide.window boxes 192

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