Kensdock report:Was the voice of the people heard today? New Jersey Assembly approved FREE registry bill today

Assembly today approved a bill (A823) to create a free, state-run saltwater angler registry in New Jersey. The vote by the New Jersey Assembly (54 in favor, 16 opposed, 6 abstain).
Considering the number of supporters a NJ saltwater license has, was the will of the people heard today in the NJ assembly? or was it special interest groups?
Hunters and fishermen had the foresight to buy thousands of acres of New Jersey wildlife management areas  during the tough years of the great depression. Today many sport fishermen are applying the same foresight and realize the importance of investing in our natural marine resources via a New Jersey Saltwater license. A few of  the Saltwater angler groups that have voiced their support of a New Jersey saltwater license are:
The largest saltwater angler group on the east coast CCA supports a saltwater license {100,000 members}
The New Jersey federation of sportsmen’s clubs supports a saltwater license  {150,000 members}
The Cape May County party and Charter boat association supports a NJ saltwater license {8,000 members}
The New Jersey Marine Fisheries council voted 5-2 in favor of a NJ saltwater fishing license.
A recent poll taken on the 24,000 member online fishing club the Bass Barn ,taken after a long debate on the issue, favored a saltwater license. 


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