Kensdock Report: Back Bay flounder update Monday 6-15-10

Headed out today for a few hours of back bay flounder fishing the flounder were not stacked up but I did manage to limit out . We had 11 keepers and many throw backs. It was a beautiful day on the water. The water temperature was 71 degrees. The water clarity was an 8 with 10 being the clearest. The effort to find the flounder was an 8 with 1 being the least amount of effort. There has been large schools of blue fin located on the 30 line off of Cape May the last few days.The hard sw wind on Saturday shut down the surface activity, hopefully it did not push them to far.Jims bait and tackle in Cape May NJ will be holding their annual mako tournament this weekend. Jims tournament is not a big money tournament, it is relatively inexpensive to enter, yet it is competitive and fun.

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