Kensdock report: Flounder update/ weakfish

There is a school of large flounder {6-7 pound fish} in the back bay areas of Cape May co. the school has been moving around from Avalon to Cape May. I have  been unlucky by showing up after the bite. I have seen the fish unfortunately for me they have been in someone else’s cooler.When you limit out with flounder that average 6 pounds in the back bay you have had a special fishing trip. The guy who had the large flounder was using a rig that is common for offshore fluke fishermen,a pink glowing plastic squid combined with bait. The rig is not as important as finding the  school during the bite. Good luck. Wally Bockman and crew boated an impressive 39 keeper flounder yesterday. He was tight lipped as to the location. I am sure he was not fishing the back bay waters. There has been a few weakfish caught in the last week. The top fishermen that are targeting weakfish and catching have been releasing the breeders.  Dr.Gary has caught two weakfish while he was flounder fishing and released both of them. Don  caught a 24″ weakfish  he also released it. A few weakfish were caught and retained by fishermen on rental boats this week. The water temperature at high tide was 64 degrees, the water clarity was a 5.

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