Striped bass pin mullet


29" striped bass

One of today’s keeper size  striped bass  29″

I was glassing the open water of the sound when I spotted them, six or so mullet leaping from the water. This little activity put me on a feeding school of migratory stripers , that eventually lead me to the ocean. Just short of the Oceanfront the bass cornered the bait, using a sandbar to their advantage. Turns in the air, stripers  on the surface, it was that kind of morning. Today  I was under – gunned for these stripers,  big migratory bass were in the mix. They made quick work of emptying my reel of line. I hope this was  a preview of this year’s fall fishing.  The conditions needed for the coveted  Jersey reds and speckled trout bite remain elusive. However, all things considered,  the striper  fishing has been pretty good so far.

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