Summer night weakfish


The sounds and sights are spectacular . They are totally unique to the Cape May co. sounds, during a summer night high tide. 

Every step I made was with extreme caution. Knowing, a miss step could fill my wadders with saltwater. Pretty much guarantying a story about a drowned fisherman in the Press of Atlantic City. Why risk it? Why not wait for daylight ? Why not fish from the boat ? Well,in a nut shell,it is a mindset. Yes, many would consider it a little crazy. However, without this mindset, it is close to impossible, to catch tide runner weakfish. Actually, without it , you limit yourself to mediocre, regardless of your endeavor.  Ed Teise was high hook this night. Matter of fact, I would bet he has caught more keeper size weakfish than anyone on the entire East coast. At this point in the 2016 season. Hold for the largest weakfish.


Ed Teise lands a beautiful summer night weakfish


The author’ caught this 8.8 pound July weakfish during high tide . 2016


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