New Jersey’s largest Saltwater fishing tournament 2016 results

The 3 largest weakfish caught  on the east coast in 2016.  Bill Collins (10.66), Ken Mcdermott (11.70) and Ed Teise (10+).  Ed and bill, are also listed, as top 10 east coast Anglers. In the Fishermen Magazine's tournament.

The 3 largest (documented) weakfish caught on planet earth,in 2016. Bill Collins (10.66), Ken McDermott (11.70) , Ed Teise (10+). Ed and Bill, are also listed among the  top 10  anglers on the east coast , in the Fishermen Magazine’s tournament.

CONGRATULATIONS to all 11,500″ Beach N Boat tournament Anglers!
* 2016 Winners list * That includes a tournament record weakfish.


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