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Kensdock Report: NJ Delaware Bay artificial reef

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The  NJ DEP, NJ F&G,  NJ Federation of Sportsmen’s clubs, NJ Outdoor Alliance and the JCAA  have  been  closing in on approval for New Jersey’s first artificial reef site in the Delaware Bay. While the exact site has not been chosen, conditions needed for approval favor the lower bay. This Delaware Bay reef site has the potential to be the most productive fishing location on the east coast.

Kensdock Report: Jimmy Fee catching weakfish, On The Water TV Sunday Jan.19

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Cape May County, NJ weakfish late June 2013.

The weakfish has carved a special place within  many saltwater fishermen. If you are one of them, do not miss this week’s  episode of On The Water fishing show.  Sunday at 10AM on Comcast SportsNet New England. The show is all about the fish that are found   in the New Jersey region. The weakfish are making a come back,  due to the efforts of  many saltwater fishermen. They took the time to write a letter, attend a hearing or make a phone call, asking for a moratorium.  It is such a beautiful thing to see the purple  hue  of the weakfish return to our waters. The management system works best when the  participants  get involved.

Kensdock Report: Governor Chris Christie

Love him or hate him,  Chris Christie is New Jersey’s  most popular Governor in the history of New Jersey.  There are many reasons for his overwhelming popularity. However, the fact that he is a very likeable  person  is surely  part of it. 


Our Dayna  and  Governor Chris Christie.