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6-17-09 11:00 pm Kensdock fishing report

As we traveled across the bay the NE wind was throwing salt water on Jonathan and Wayne. I promised them that at the end of the ride we would be fishing in an area that historically holds large fluke. The window of the bite at this spot is very short maybe twenty minutes. There was no boat traffic today, exactly what we needed for this spot. We fished for 30 minutes. We boated 3 keepers the largest was 6.5 pounds. The water temperature was 68.5 degrees today.flounder 069

6-16-09 11:00 pm Kensdock fishing report

Today it felt like late October not June! I had a long john short on with long pants, I was chilly the entire time I was fishing. We did have an excellent 2 hours  of flounder fishing in the back bay. It is imperative that we back troll in the area we fished today, not usually a problem but with 20  knot NE wind  it made for a wet fishing trip. I figured it would  be wet, I also was confident that the flounder would be stacked up in this small area under these conditions. We boated ten keeper flounder and left before the bite ended! Weakfish? Tex caught a ten pound weakfish in the back bay recently. If you are willing to put the time in it is still possible” to catch a weakfish in Cape May co.. The ASMFC will meet in August to review the weakfish management plan. If, they choose to close commercial and recreational fishing for weakfish for just a short time, I am confident that the weakfish  population will improve. I can also assure you  that if they choose not to close the weakfish harvest we will see the weakfish on the endangered species list.flounder 064flounder 065

6-15-09 Kensdock fishing report 11:00 pm

flounder 059Flounder fishing in the back bay was on tap today. We fished about two hours today. We did more hunting than fishing today as I was looking for a new hot spot. The new flounder hot spot was not located.
  I did manage to catch four keeper flounder  more than enough for Elise’s fish tacos. Dr. Gary caught two keeper flounder today. George S.had two keepers in his boat today.To reiterate from yesterday,the offshore flounder sharpes are catching limits of 7 pound class flounder! Mike C. and crew were offshore sharking today they caught a 71 pound Mako and 15 blue sharks.

6-13-09 Kensdock fishing report 8:45 pm

We had a great day on the water today, Jonathon traveled 12 hours to go flounder fishing in the back bay of Stone Harbor,NJ. It did not take long before he was hooked up to a 4.5 pound flounder. We fished for two hours and ended up with 7 keeper flounder. Ed Tiese and Daughter Alex caught five keeper flounder this morning.
The South Jersey Tournament finished up at 7:00 pm today. A 590 pound thresher caught by the crew on the fat cat was the winner of the tournament. A 232 pound mako caught by the crew on the 100 proof  was the heaviest mako of the tournament. Check out the live feed on the side bar, South Jersey Marina. . The water temperature was 68.4 on the top of the tideflounder 056

6-12-09 Kensdock fishing report 8:45 pm

flounder 054flounder 053flounder 049The Keeper flounder are still in the back bays. After all the reports of limit catches of flounder from the reefs, I had to check my back bay spots for flounder. Sure enough I caught a keeper flounder in minutes of fishing. I have family coming from out of state to  flounder fish and they do not like the ocean. I was glad to see the keeper flounder are holding in the back bay.
I stopped down to the South Jersey Shark tournament weigh in scale. I saw a few nice makos along with blue sharks and threshers.The Great White Shark” that was caught on the ******** I missed. The crew thought they had a mako. The scale master would not allow the fish to be weighed. Moments later the coast guard showed up. The coast guard confiscated the boat and the great white shark. Great whites are federal protected. The fine is fifty thousand dollars!!. It would be  a good idea to make sure you know the difference  between a great white and a mako shark  before you go shark fishing. Let a lone take a shark that you are not sure what species it is to a weigh station with state biologist, TV camorras and a crowd of  people!