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Cape May County ‘s resident striped bass


Wayne shows one of today's stripers

One of today’s striped bass

Striped bass fishing in Cape May County, NJ  has been  dependent upon our local striper population, so far this season. The conditions necessary for the migratory fish to  show up , wind direction, water temperature and other factors, have not lined up yet and may not. Mother nature dictates the conditions, every year is unique.   However, if you arm yourself with information specific to fishing for our resident striped bass,  your catch rate will skyrocket. Watch for upcoming articles in On The Water  magazine (New York/New Jersey)  for detailed information on this subject.

A June Monday on the water


A summer flounder fishermen’s wintertime  daydream, that describes today.  A blue sky, no humidity, no bugs, light wind  and a good flounder bite . I fished for 2 hours and 20 minutes today. I caught 4  keeper flounder  the biggest was 24″.  The water temperature was 67 degrees.  The conditions are excellent for back bay flounder fishing from Corson’s  inlet down to Cape May Harbor.


Summer Flounder Limit Catch


The  fishing conditions kept me at the helm of the skiff for most of the day’s trip. The water temperature dropped  significantly  the last couple days  . With a  water temperature swing, a flat barometer and a poor wind direction, it would have been  a  perfect day to skip fishing. I burned a lot of  fuel and we went periods without any action at all. However, 2 hours and 45 minutes later,  Wayne had his limit of summer flounder. Wayne travels in from Kentucky annually  to fish the  back bay waters for summer flounder. The new 18″ minimum size limit  pushes reasonable to the maximum in our back bay waters .  Regardless of the increased size of the flounder stock the majority of the large summer flounder are not found in  our back bay waters or the Delaware Bay.  The State of Delaware has  a 16″ size limit and we fish the same bay.  All things considered, 16″  is the  appropriate  size limit for  flounder in Cape May County, NJ . The NJ Outdoor Alliance and the NJ federation of Sportsmen are prepared to fight to have Cape May County included in the Delaware region next season.

Today’s Back bay summer flounder trip


The best area based on wind direction and resent reports was far from the spots I fished today. I did not have the time to fish the hot/correct location. However, after spending an hour and a half on the water, three keepers were flopping  in the cooler. The fishing pressure was none existent . The water temperature was 65 degrees. Water clarity was good – fair. The special ingredient during this fishing trip was patience‎.


Today’s back bay summer flounder


Captain Gary with his 6.5  pound summer flounder

Captain Gary with his 6.5 pound summer flounder

Captain Gary  remains zeroed in on the back bay flounder,  his heaviest  this morning was 6.5 pounds. A six  pound flounder  usually takes first place in the  Grassy sound marina’s back bay flounder tournament.

I caught two 20″ keeper back bay flounder  today. I fished for 40 minutes. The water temperature at the top of the tide was 63 degrees,   5 -10 SW  wind and the water clarity was excellent.

The weakfish bite has slowed due to the spawn. The weakfish could be seen swimming around the structure but they were not interested in any lures.  The stripers picked up the slack. Wayne caught a quality short striper on a smoke colored zoom. His first fish of his annual Jersey fishing vacation.

Wayne with a striper he caught while targeting weakfish.

Wayne with a striper he caught while targeting weakfish.



Today’s back bay summer flounder trip

19"keeper one of four.


I made my first flounder trip today. The water was 55 – 59 degrees  with a 5-10 NNE wind. Two hours of fishing produced 4 keeper flounder and 7 shorts.  Planning on fishing for weakfish during  both sides of  the low tide later today. I am on a quest to catch weakfish from different spots around the Cape and peninsula  of Cape May County, NJ .  Some spots are holding good numbers of quality weakfish, due to baitfish and water clarity, other historically good areas  are missing the conditions .   Knowing the indicators of productive saltwater can save time and  bypass frustration.

Kensdock report: stripers and specs


 Beautiful fall day, toped off with 17 stripers and one spec..  However, it looks like the speckled trout are not going to show in any numbers again this year. Only about 10 specs total have been caught to date, this season.George S.Cape MayCounty’s top spec fisherman has not caught a spec yet this year. He is concerned with the spec population. George has averaged between 50-100Cape May County speckled sea trout per season, over the years. A few years back specs were caught into January, due to unusual warm weather. This may have been the kiss of death for the New Jersey population, as the weather turned extremely cold fast that January. The cold could have killed a large percentage of the spec population, due to the fact they did not have enough time to migrate to warmer waters. Spec fishing in Cape  May County has not been the same since that year. There is something special about catching a New Jersey spec. I can catch a boat load of Florida specs, but it is not the same as catching just one, New Jersey spec.

Kensdock Report: Quick up date flounder/striper/offshore

Some nice keeper flounder have been caught in the back bay over the last few days. Ed Teise and Harold had 5 keepers on the last trip. I had one keeper on a short 30 minute trip. A few Kids on a rental boat had two keeper flounder yesterday. The fishermen that put the effort in {on the water at daybreak} are enjoying a good summertime striper bite. At sunset the striper bite has been slow. The best offshore flounder fishermen I know Jowl from Stone Harbor had 3 keeper flounder from the old grounds. Not good. This time of year he usually has his limit of big flounder. Most fishermen have been returning from offshore with nothing in the box. Hopefully it will pick up before the end of the season.  For those that fish smart {get a Roffer’s report and go the distance} the offshore bite has been good.  

Kensdock report: summer flounder update

This is the time of the year that most  Cape May co. back  bay flounder fishermen move on to the Delaware bay or  Atlantic ocean summer flounder  hot spots like reef 11 and the  old grounds. I continue fishing the back bay for flounder all summer, only less frequently after July 15. There is always a couple of keepers lurking around, it just takes 10 times the patients to find one or two keepers in late summer. If you want to fill the cooler with summer flounder head to the upper Delaware bay from number 1 north to Fortqescue, the upper Delaware bay flounder bite continues red hot.

Kensdock report: Bass barn/Rfa

The Rfa is begging for money to finance their sea bass law suit. They are bashing large marine manufactures and other related business on the Bass Barn for not sending them money. In a nut shell, the  RFA  claims the  science and data that the NMFS used to set the sea bass season is flawed, there for the recreational and commercial seas bass harvest should be increased. They continue to push for short term financial gain for a few, in complete disregard of the future of recreational fishermen,commercial fishermen ,marine manufacturing industry and the sea bass.
I think the reason that no major manufactures or larger and better financed recreational fishing organizations have joined the RFA lawsuit is due to this court decision http://www.joincca.org/press%20releases/2008/Rule_of_science.html