Summer Flounder Limit Catch


The  fishing conditions kept me at the helm of the skiff for most of the day’s trip. The water temperature dropped  significantly  the last couple days  . With a  water temperature swing, a flat barometer and a poor wind direction, it would have been  a  perfect day to skip fishing. I burned a lot of  fuel and we went periods without any action at all. However, 2 hours and 45 minutes later,  Wayne had his limit of summer flounder. Wayne travels in from Kentucky annually  to fish the  back bay waters for summer flounder. The new 18″ minimum size limit  pushes reasonable to the maximum in our back bay waters .  Regardless of the increased size of the flounder stock the majority of the large summer flounder are not found in  our back bay waters or the Delaware Bay.  The State of Delaware has  a 16″ size limit and we fish the same bay.  All things considered, 16″  is the  appropriate  size limit for  flounder in Cape May County, NJ . The NJ Outdoor Alliance and the NJ federation of Sportsmen are prepared to fight to have Cape May County included in the Delaware region next season.

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