Summer night weakfish


The sounds and sights are spectacular . They are totally unique to the Cape May co. sounds, during a summer night high tide. 

Every step I made was with extreme caution. Knowing, a miss step could fill my wadders with saltwater. Pretty much guarantying a story about a drowned fisherman in the Press of Atlantic City. Why risk it? Why not wait for daylight ? Why not fish from the boat ? Well,in a nut shell,it is a mindset. Yes, many would consider it a little crazy. However, without this mindset, it is close to impossible, to catch tide runner weakfish. Actually, without it , you limit yourself to mediocre, regardless of your endeavor.  Ed Teise was high hook this night. Matter of fact, I would bet he has caught more keeper size weakfish than anyone on the entire East coast. At this point in the 2016 season. Hold for the largest weakfish.


Ed Teise lands a beautiful summer night weakfish


The author’ caught this 8.8 pound July weakfish during high tide . 2016


Grassy Sound Marina’s back bay Summer flounder tournament

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Excellence,fun ,competition, friends and family, this pretty much describes the Grassy Sound Marina’s Flounder Tournament. The annually tournament is next Saturday June 25. It is a really good time. Do yourself a favor, if your into fishing, don’t miss it. The summer flounder bite has been red hot this week. Last time I was out we had 7 keepers. Gary on the double touch, limited out yesterday. The fishing conditions are in place !

I hope to see you next Saturday.

Spring Tide runner weakfish


CJ Polhamus and his 2016 spring tide runner weakfish. He makes the Fishermen Magazine’s Tournament leader board again, this year with this 8.9 pounder.

Cape May County Fishermen have been putting up some nice fish, on the leaderboards of both the Beach n Boat, and the Fishermen Magazine’s tournament. Mater of fact, Ed Teise is still the overall leader, as of today, in the Fishermen Magazine .   Check out the tournaments if you get a chance. I have a link below.

Tide Runner Weakfish


Ed Teise shows  his 10 pound weakfish.  It is currently ranked 1# on the leaderboard at the fishermen magazine

Ed Teise moved into first place for weakfish and number 1 overall points, in the Fishermen’s magazine’s tournament. Ed’s 10 pound weakfish pushed him into the lead, will it hold?

Spring tide runner weakfish 2016


Beautiful spring 2016 Cape May tide -runner weakfish


Epic falls short in describing today’s fishing trip. We were targeting tide-runner weakfish. Bill Collins landed 12 weakfish topping it off, with a 10 pound plus tide-runner. Ed Teise kept his reputation going, finishing the trip with a 10 pound weakfish. I ended this memoirable trip, with an 11.70 pound spring tide-runner weakfish. So wonderful, to see the weakfish return to Cape May Point, NJ and other historic locations. 99% of all the weakfish I have caught have been released.

The weakfish population is at fishable numbers, however.
The stock is at a point, that with a few management adjustments, could be completely rebuilt. Bringing with it, a significant increase in economic benefits:

1) Management mind-set adjustment. Currently it is, natural predation is the cause. Anything we do makes no difference. To: mistakes have been made in the past. Lets fix it, not cover it up, by claiming natural predation is the cause.
2) Close the market for the sale of weakfish for both commercial and recreation fisherman, until the population is restored.
3) make adjustments to the commercial seasons. To avoid large amounts of commercial by-catch.


Ed Teise and a 10 pound  2016 spring tide runner weakfish

Spring Weakfish arrive in Cape May , NJ


2016 Weakfish season

Every rock has a story. A few of them ran through my mind, as I walked the jetty at 2:00 am.   Larry Martino’s rock, that produced a 42″ world record class weakfish , that he didn’t weigh in.  The striped bass rock, that held them at a time , that you were famous if you caught one. The don’t  try it rock, this one has sent many fishermen and surfers to the ER, including me. My focus returned, to the task at hand, at that point.

Tonight , the rock of interest , was CJ’s rock.
The moon filled night, held a steady cadence of the surf, mixed with a salt breeze, so refreshing!   The conditions were almost  perfect  for weakfish. The water temperature was in the zone , but just, at 58 degrees . All the other conditions were right on . Cj’s rock, gained a little more fame tonight. It produced my first 2016 spring weakfish. The spring striped bass and black drum bite has been excellent, in Cape May County waters this spring. However, nothing  holds bragging rights  among  local  sport fishermen , like a tide runner spring weakfish. Now is the time.

The 2016 Summer Flounder Opener, was  a bust. The weather condition were so poor, I didn’t  go. Looking forward to the upcoming week.



National Geographic airs “The other Jersey shore, Friday, May 20th

South Jersey commercial fishermen are hard working, salt of the earth, people. They are neighbors, friends and family to many of us. They have been total disregarded, by the save the horse crab at all cost mind-set. New Jersey fishermen were completely hoodwinked out of their federal allocation for house shore crab. Delaware and other States base their harvest decisions on science. The crab seasons continues in those States. Meanwhile, New Jersey used numbers gathered by people with an agenda. New Jersey commercial fishermen are forced to buy the horse shoe crabs, from out of state. Horse shoe crab is used for baiting eel pots.
These people involved in saving the horse shoe crabs are good passionate people. I have personally met many of them. They put their heart and soul into their endeavors. They have many achievements that benefit wildlife in New Jersey,and across the nation. I just disagree, with how they bullied the small commercial fishermen on this issue.

Check out the trail to the upcoming show here:

Spring weakfish and the weather


This is my personal best weakfish 15.7 . Caught during the full moon tide in late May. During the same tide, Jake Stern had a 15 pounder. One over 18 pounds was also caught. It fell just under the current NJ state record.

The new moon in May can be a prime time to catch tide runner weakfish, here in Cape May County, NJ. If, The water temperature and the barometer are within the comfort zone for weakfish. Definitely not the case this year. The majority of the weakfish that have been caught this year were caught around the full moon in April. The weather has been rainy, chilly and gray since. Hopefully, blue skies and calm weather return for the full moon in May. Last week I took a road trip to florida. Hoping the weather would straiten out by the time I returned, it didn’t. The weather was sunny and warm in FL, but the fishing was tough. We managed a few keeper specks and red fish, but hard earned. I see some blue sky peeking through ! Once the water temperature returns to 58 degrees and holds for 3 days, I will be out hunting for tide runners again. I ll keep you posted.

Weakfish show up at traditional early season spots

Yes,confirmed Weakfish catches from: Corson’s inlet, Ludlum bay, Forked river and Townsend’s inlet. It is encouraging to see weakfish caught from their early season haunts. A reliable bite in my core area historically never starts before early May.The earliest I have caught them is April 20. I am going to check out a couple of spots over the next few days.Stay tuned.

2016 Flounder season


For those of you that haven’t heard.
The NJ Marine fisheries council passed the 2016 summer flounder regulations at their March meeting. This year’s bag limit, 5 summer flounder , with an 18″minimum size requirement. The Delaware Bay has a separate regulations set. A 4 fish bag limit , with a 17″ minimum size, on the New Jersey side of the Delaware Bay. It is legal to have a 17″ summer flounder aboard in the intercostal waters as far north as the George Reading bridge (Rt.47 Wildwood).However, you must be underway, with your fishing gear rapped up. The season begins May 21, 2016 and runs through September 25.