Today’s trophy class Cape May Stripers


Captain CJ Polhamus is zeroed in on trophy size Striped Bass right here in Cape May County, NJ.. Striped bass fishing in Cape May is far from it’s peak. Most fishermen and charter fishing operations have moved north due to tough fishing conditions. However, those with patience coupled with a good skill set can still catch trophy class striped bass from Cape May waters.  His crew limited out today.  Including Ed Teise who  boated  40 pound plus bass on light spinning gear.



So refreshing New Jersey Speckled sea trout bite turns on.


Congrats to Ed Teise  for targeting and catching New Jersey Speckled sea trout.  Regardless of the fact that the conditions needed  to catch them have been extremely limited  during the 2017 fall season.

Today is Election Day

A beautiful Cape May New Jersey Red drum/ Redfish. I caught this one on a swimming mullet lure.

Do you enjoy fishing, hunting, bird watching or another natural resource based activitie in NJ? Do yourself a favor. Vote for Kim Guadagno for Governor . Then call 3 friends and encourage them to do the same. She has the endorsement of numerous Saltwater fishing and hunting organizations for good reason. She realizes the value in funding our marine fisheries. She and her son love to fish from their Kayaks. The outdoors are close to her heart.  We have lost a lot of fishing opportunities as a result of an underfunded NJ marine fisheries division. Summer flounder comes to mind.  It’s all about who shows up on election . Now is the  time ….

Summer flounder fishing at it’s best



The summer flounder bite was so hot yesterday we decided to up the 18″ legal  keeper size limit to 21″. We ended our 2hr evening trip with our limit of flounder . Including 2 fat doormats measuring 27″ and 27.5″. It was beautiful and calm on the water . The fishing pressure was super light and the sunset was spectacular.   Loving summertime 2017.


Saltwater Tournament fishing




Saturday July 15, we fished the Duke of fluke flounder tournament for the first time. We ended the day with 5 keepers. Dayna Townsend  caught the largest one. We caught all of our fish in the waters located in the sounds of Cape May co. , NJ. Dayna’s summer flounder held for first place in the women’s division, she also took the Calcutta money home.In addition she was crowned 2017 duchess of fluke.IMG_0952

We fished the Grassy Sound Marina  2017 summer flounder  tournament  on the 24 of June. We had a memorable day on the water, followed by  an excellent barbecue and live entertainment. Congratulations to all the winners!  We  caught a cooler full of flounder. However, we got bumped out of the winners circle this year.However, Ty McDermott did capture  the win for the youth division with his  doormat summer flounder.


The Avalon fishing tournament and others official recognize  the winners the following season/year.

Cape May County fishing Tournament 2016. First place weakfish:




Beach &  Boat State-wide tournament 2016  first place weakfish (tournament record):


A few of the  largest weakfish caught on the east coast, 2016. Bill Collins, Ken Mcdermott , Ed Tiese . Ed and bill, are also listed in the top 10 Angers , in the Fishermen Magazine’s tournament.

Cape May Weakfish and flounder bite is right on time…

                                           Last nights tide-runner 27.5 “, I released this one.

 Ed  Tiese   released this tournament qualifying class  weakfish last week.  He is holding out for a first place contender. (10 plus lbs.)   He placed second during the fishermen magazine’s coast wide tournament last year.  


The SSCF staff annual flounder tournament caught a good day Saturday.  To even the the competition somewhat everyone had to  fish from a rental boat. 18 keeper flounder were boated  Saturday. CJ Tomlin won the tournament with a 4 plus pound flounder.



June 2017 Delaware Bay  tide -runner weakfish

Summer flounder opening weekend 2017

Catching your limit of summer flounder during adverse weather conditions, like we had this weekend is a good sign. That’s exactly what Dayna future (daughter in-law ) and my  son Justin did on Saturday. Looks like summer flounder have arrived in good numbers in the back waters. Weakfish have my full attention at this point. The weakfish bite over the last few days has been slow but steady.

Bill Collins wins the Fishermen Magazine tournament’s weakfish category

Bill shows his beautiful spring 2016 Cape May tide -runner

Bill Collins shows his beautiful spring 2016 Cape May tide -runner

Bill’s tide-runner weakfish weighed in at 10.66 pounds. Ed Teise earned second place in this tournament with a 10 plus pound Cape May weakfish. Bill and Ed are no strangers in the winners circle. They both also placed on the top ten 2016 anglers list during the Fishermen Magazine’s fishing tournament.