Early Cape May co. Summer flounder

  We all have our favorite flounder rig be it, salted herring, squid and minnes, bucktail or top and bottom rig ect.. Then you have the slow lift or the fast jig. I almost forgot the drag the least productive. Always  keep your bait moving up and down when flounder fishing. The most critical part of flounder fishing like all fishing  is your location. Even the drag method will catch if you are in the right spot. So here is a early season flounder fishing tip, Ludlum bay in Cape May Co.  will hold large numbers of flounder, big flounder, long before the flounder find there way into the surrounding sounds of Cape May county that also includes the Delaware bay. If you decide to fish before the opening day catch and release of coarse, be honest. I am not the only one that knows of this early season super hot spot State conservation officers are well aware of it.

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