Spring striper run 3-27-09

Ed Teise called today He had a bang up night a couple of days back with 50 quality short Stripers. He also had one keeper 34 inch. I was hoping to tag a long  tonight but with this wind direction Ed will not fish for stripers. As soon as we get the right wind I will drop everything  and head out. Ed Teise is one of Cape May county NJs’ top fishermen He has won more striper,weakfish and speckled trout tournaments than anyone alive in Cape May co., NJ. He caught all the stripers from the ocean side of the garden state parkway. The 2009 spring striper bite is on. Note:If you are thinking of fishing for spring stripers in Cape May Co. NJ , make sure the wind will be out of the north,NW or West this pertains to the ocean side.  Stripers can be caught from the Delaware bay on all wind directions. The way to catch in the Delaware Bay in the spring is on bait, clam, bunker and blood worms. A    good spot for the Delaware Bay spring stripers is Reeds beach at high tide.

  2 comments for “Spring striper run 3-27-09

  1. Frank
    March 30, 2009 at 3:08 pm

    It’s good to hear that those old-timers can still get it done! LOL
    Weakfish will be here soon!

  2. kensdock
    March 30, 2009 at 10:17 pm

    Frank, I am Thinking about the April 20 on the weakfish. The bite on the ocean side of Cape May co. has been real short the last couple of years. All the big weakfish I know of came from the bay jettys. The area also held small weakfish all season. Let me know when you catch your first weakfish. Good fishing,Ken

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