7-14-09 Kensdock fishing report 8:50pm

What I see from my window as I write,blue water,blue sky, green meadow grass, an osprey, red tailed hawk, red wing black bird, snowy egrets and a small boat making way across the sound. A beautiful summers day! Most sharp back bay fishermen continue to catch keeper flounder. The average is three keepers a tide, these fishermen fish either the last two hours of the incoming tide or the first two hours of the out going tide. Wally Bockman loaded his boat with keeper flounder 30 keepers! They were fishing out of Fortiscue. After a catch like that I am sure Wally is done fishing in the back bay for the year. Wally is one of Cape May Counties’ top fisherman/ Hunter. Wally owns one of the last working family farms in this area. Captain CJ called to let me know he is gearing up for tuna fishing. Cj does not tournament fish yet ever time I fish offshore with him we tie into a tournament winning size fish! One year we hooked up to a giant blue marlin during the Mid Atlantic tournament,that we were not fishing in. Knowing what that marlin was worth if we were in the tournament haunts me! As  I watched the marlin swim away I could see the fleet from the tournament working a temperature brake in the horizon.

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