7-17-09 Kensdock fishing report

Here is a list of the winners of the duke of fluke flounder tournament,
Single Heaviest Fluke Division:
1st Place: Duct Work – Captain Scott Pierce – 11.86 pound Flounder
2nd Place: C-Bob – Captain Chris Lowrey – 8.10 pound Flounder
3rd Place: Freaky One – Captain Ed Adams – 7.85 pound Flounder

Five Heaviest Fluke Division:
1st Place – Stars & Stripers – Captain Paul Tripodi – 27.31 pounds
2nd Place – Duchess – Captain Craig Goss – 26.50 pounds
3rd Place – Adam Bomb III – Captain Adam Crouthamel – 25.66 pounds

Kayak Division:
1st Place: Justin Fesler – 2.86 pound Flounder
2nd Place: Matt Ebbecke – 2.24 pound Flounder
3rd Place: Ellen Fox – 2.04 pound Flounder

Duchess Award:
Melissa Jastremski – 7.79 pound Flounder aboard Adam Bomb III, Capt. Adam Crouthamel
(Skip says Melissa is a keeper!

Junior Angler Award:
Jack Hausman – 5.07 pound Flounder aboard the Tag & Release, Capt. John Hausman, Sr.

Heaviest Sea Bass:
Mike Bascome – 3.79 pounds aboard the Size Matters, Capt. Mike Bascome

Heaviest Bluefish:

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