7-26-09 Kensdock fishing report 5:33 pm

I was out flounder fishing today in the backbay of Stone Harbor, NJ  I managed to catch two keeper flounder on the top of the tide. To get a way from the boat traffic I fished holes along the flats way in the back. The water quality was excellent with 10ft visibility. I have fished around the planet and I have not seen the amount of marine life that we have in our back bays anywhere else.
Mr. Plumer was flounder fishing out of Fortescue,NJ and limited out with flounder to 24″. Fortescue was know as the weakfish capital of the world at one time. This year they have an excellent run of big flounder. Nice fishing also with a relatively short run to the fish. The old grounds has been a wash due to a large swell that makes fishing that area a waste of time and fuel.
Due to economic reasons a lot of off shore fishermen are waiting for prime season before they start to seriously fish the cannons. The last two weeks in August and the first two weeks in September are usually prime time.  back bay

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