7–24-09 Kensdock fishing report update 7-26-09

I am heading out flounder fishing in the back bay it is 11: 00 am when I return I will post a report.
The  flounder bite remains red hot on the reef and the old grounds any time the condtions are good. The back bay bite is best when we have the turn of the tide at first light. The rest of the day is pretty much a waste of time as far as keeper  flounder are concerned. The back bay water quality is excellent with visablity around 12ft..
As many of you know the weakfish population is at an all time low. The weakfish need a chance to rebuild! The best way and the fastest way is to close commercial fishing for weakfish for two years and close recreational fishing during the spawning season. For years commercial fishing was allowed without a limit on the amount of weakfish that could be killed. Commercial and recreational fishing is still allowed in the spawning area of the entire east coast. The winter yard of the weakfish is still open to commercial fishing, Can you believe the ASMFC has the audacity to claim it is not their fault that the weakfish is heading for the endangered list! The ASMFC will meet on August 19, 2009 to find a way to rebuild the weakfish. All comments must be received 3 weeks before the meeting or they will not be heard. Do not expect any fishing group like the RFA to make a case for you or me. This group was started by marine manufactures and that is were their allegiance lies. Please let them know the condition of the weakfish as you see it. Send your comment nmeserve@asmfc.org <nmeserve@asmfc.org>

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