7-31-09 Kensdock report RFA/ASMFC weakfish meeting August 19


Open letter to Hutch Jr (RFA),

I can assure you if the RFA policy was to put the natural resoures first on their agenda, the weakfish stock would not be so dangerously low today. The RFA should have led a campaign to rebuild the weakfish stock five years ago!

At this point, I ask you, the RFA to join us in urging the ASMFC to implement a closure of commercial and recreation fishing of weakfish for two years. If you choose not to help with this campaign, I politely ask you sir, to step to the side!

Nichola at the ASMFC office has been working at a record pace answering comments and phone calls concerning the August 19 ASMFC meeting… Most of us are angry with the condition of the weakfish. WE are also hopeful that the August19 ASMFC meeting in Virginia becomes historic and the weakfish in time join the striped bass and sea scallops on the list of success stories.

nmeserve@asmfc.org Send your comment time is short

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