7-31-09 Kensdock fishing report

window boxes 008Today I hit a couple of spots in the back bay that can produce some big flounder this time of the year. Unfortunately I caught the skunk for the first time this season. The water visibility was good about 6ft.. The water temperature was 67.3. Today pretty much raps up my flounder season. I may take a trip to the cape may reef before the end of flounder season. This is the time of the year I start anticipating some great off shore big game trips. I know of at lest one crew from Stone Harbor that hooked into some real big blue fin. They did not have the gear to get the job done. The sure had some fish stories. They did not want their names put out on the internet. Do yourself a big favor do not go offshore without a Roffers report. The guy is the best on the planet. Check out the list of tournament winners that have used his expertise.

  3 comments for “7-31-09 Kensdock fishing report

  1. Tim
    August 3, 2009 at 6:29 pm

    Hi Ken,

    I stumbled on your blog today by chance, I must say it is very well done and informative. I’m from Central Jersey and will be visisting Stone harbor this week. My brother-in-law is a Stone Harbor police officer and has a small boat docked in Smugglers Cove.

    My brother-in-law is not much of a fisherman and doesn’t know the spots we should be hitting. I have 2 questions for you…

    I saw one of your post that said we should be trying to hit the changing tide at first light for flounder, any hints on where we should be spending most of our time (in relation to where he is docked)?

    We took my 3 year old son out last year and only managed 1 crab? This is far different then what I’m used to in Raritan and Barnegat Bay. My brother-in-law had no clue where to go, we even had a tough time keeping drop lines and traps on the bottom. We tried a few spots in the back bay near Smugglers Cove.

    Although we only got 1 crab, my son loved it. I would really like to improve on last years results. Do you have any crabbing hints or spots you wouldn’t mind sharing? Same deal (any spots we could get to from Smugglers Cove?)

    I appreciate any time you take to respond. I would love to surprise my brother-in-law with some local knowledge to increase our results.

    Thank You,

    Tim Novy

    • kensdock
      August 6, 2009 at 9:53 pm

      Tim, Did you read the last post.

  2. kensdock
    August 4, 2009 at 12:43 am

    Tim, I will have some information for you tomorrow. Very short on time today.

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