10-17-09 Kensdock fishing report

The North East storm has slowed the fishing down pretty good. The tides have been the highest since the mothers day north easter a couple of years ago. .  Days of north east wind coupled with the new moon tide   may bring the highest tide we have seen in years during tomorrow mornings high tide. The up side of all this wind and high tide weather, is it usually initiates change to the fishing.Fish migration is kicked into gear with change in the water temperature and the big push of water during moon tides and north east storms. The water temperature today in the back bay was 58 degrees. Good or bad in the next week we will know  what kind of  fall fishing season  we will have here in Cape May county. Before the blow a few nice keeper Stripers  were caught on the beach. Jeff Polhamus is high hook with keeper stripers from the beach in Avalon. Jeff fishes strictly lures.He grew up fishing the back bays and the beach in Avalon. Jeff is always ON THE BOARD during local tournaments.

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