Kensdock report,Banned from The BassBarn 11-05-09

                                                             Ed Teise  with a Cape May County Speck.
I have been banned from the Bass Barn for not agreeing with Moderator CaptJoe and other backers of the law suit to be filed by the Recreational fishing alliance against the ASMFC. The law suit reeks of greed and indifference to the future generation of sportfishermen. They have the audacity to ask sportfishermen to fund their law suit! They have been using half truths and innuendos in an attempt to exploit the sea bass stock for SHORT TERM economic benefit.

  3 comments for “Kensdock report,Banned from The BassBarn 11-05-09

  1. February 23, 2010 at 8:34 pm

    yes,I was a contributor at the Bass Barn and suddenly because of ego and a bit if not,too much ego combined with politics I was banned .When I encountered Ron he lied through his teeth…He offered a promo of a rafflr of a mount at the Ram’s Head Inn and only after the moneys colected made the way to His wallet and home…so did the mount…It appears it’s ron having the right amount of money in the right brown bag on the right park bench.
    I am considered a local experst and spent years helping Baur’s fishing preserve and a guest spot weekly on Tom P’s Rack & Fin only to be used abused and banished once I learned the ins and out of the industry.

    I have made relations with industry leaders and now am considered by many to be the honest angler with nothing more and nothing less than having my heart and passion in the right place.
    It’s a shame BassBarn has changed the attitudes of many and awards those who use politics and hidden agendas for personal gain.Ron stated to me it’s all volunteer…Whata crock with all those advertisers…He does not realize that he as an owner of a site is held responsible for the behaior of his members and more so his moderators.
    …Little does he know I have the larger amount of money in the coorect brown bags and they are placed on the perfect benches located within the courts…

    ever need me,feel free…


  2. kensdock
    February 24, 2010 at 12:18 am

    Barry, Your comment was interesting. I was without question banned without just cause by Moderator Captjoe.I also had posts removed for biased reasons by other moderators. However, I did appeal the ban to Ron Redding ,his decision was to repost my thread and lift the ban. I have posted information supporting a NJ saltwater license and a moratorium on weakfish due to their depleted condition. The RFA does not support either the license or the moratorium. This was the reason for some of the unfair treatment. I ran a poll on the license issue at the bass barn the NJ license won approval by 68%. The ASMFC received an overwhelming number of letters from fishermen supporting a moratorium until the stock improves. The other issue I had was with some RFA members like Hutchjr and others pushing agendas that are not in the best interest of true recreational fishermen or our saltwater fish stocks.

  3. KNOB
    March 25, 2011 at 8:12 pm

    I was banned today because one of the moderators made an ASSumption that I was a racist, (I said a phrase and left the racist words out.) I have friends who are advertisers and say its around $600 a year to advertise on the Bassbarn. Well do the math, Ron has over 150 advertisers at $600 a year that comes to 90K plus what ever he charges extra for the banner advertisements. He laughs all the way to the banks. Internet moderators are a breed of their own, the ego trip really gets to them.

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