Kensdock report 1-3-10 Virginia fluke?

 I spoke with a friend that just returned from a fluke trip. I asked him how he made out. His reply: We were fishing the Virginia commercial fluke season. The fishing was tough, the fluke we caught were way offshore. Nothing on the forty line! We were dragging for four hours for a few boxes of fluke, long trip for little pay. As you know that is 100ft. net being towed for 4 hours in-between haul backs. Note, these guys usually have their quota in less than half the time spent on this resent trip. Fluke traditional school up around the 40 line this time of year.
Why are the fluke not schooled up in the traditional areas?
Do you think the fluke stock is on the decline?
Do you think it is the weather?
The unusual amount of rain this year?
Bad luck?
Have you heard the same reports?
What fish would NJ saltwater fishermen target in the summer if the flounder went the way of the tuna,weakfish and blue fish?

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