Kensdock report: Kensdock Flounder rig

This time of the year is great for tying your spring flounder rigs. I caught over one hundred keeper flounder last year  and thousands of keepers over the years. I caught all of them on a rig I tie myself. Paying attention to detail is imperative. The bucktails and other lures you buy at tackle shops are mostly tied by a person that not only has never been flounder fishing but most likely has never seen one. The length of the bucktail hair and the flair are vey important. I have a few other details that I have found to by very effective in increasing the amount of hits. If you fish tournaments or would like to just increase the amount of flounder you catch I am putting together a package. The package will include five of my rigs, tied by me, with detailed instructions on tying the rigs and fishing them. I have not figured a price yet,  if you are interested e-mail me at  Remember I can only tie so many!

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