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NJ Red drum and speckled trout


 One of today's striped bass, at the end of the fight.

One of today’s striped bass, at the end of the fight.

I fished numerous areas for them, and applied a ridiculous amount of effort.  I found clean water, baitfish and the correct water temperature, not a hit. Not even a rumor of a New Jersey red drum or speckled trout being caught, to spite prime conditions this past week. The only way I avoid getting skunked, is by cherry picking striped bass on the way home.    Worst October for Jersey reds and speckled trout in a lifetime, so far.

Two Jersey specks

Two Jersey specks


Summer weakfish bite 2014


Finding the time to target summer weakfish, between the best flounder bite in years and striped bass fishing,  is the hard part for me. When I have targeted weakfish, I have been successful most of the time. The tip of the day is the summer weakfish are here for sure. The summer weakfish are smaller than the spring and fall run weakfish. However, there is always a couple of big weakies around in the summer.  Ed Teise actually hooked a tide runner weakfish last Friday.  Ed has zeroed in on the summer weakfish and is running up his catch numbers.  Traditionally the weakfish will begin to feed at night during mid to late summer, it is about that time.





Grass shrimp found inside  a 20" summer flounder

Grass shrimp found inside a 20″ summer flounder

It started in  May  with millions of spearing. I noticed them  being pushed around the sound by stripers , bluefish and weakfish. This June I seen the best run of grass shrimp  in a decade , along with a good amount of minnows.  Thus far in the back bays of Cape May County, NJ we have had a good fishing season. The success is linked directly to the presents of the bait. Hopefully the bait will hold into  the fall.  In this area red drum and speckled trout usually show up in the fall of the year. However, Kayak Bruce caught the first Jersey red drum  this season in June. The first Jersey speckled trout has been caught also,  by an Avalon sharp. Maybe this is a good indicator for the upcoming fall season?


Kensdock Report: North Jersey beaches hold Stripers

The beach fishing is obviously not happening in Cape May County at this point. However, that did not stop  Jeff and crew from catching stripers from the beach this week, the key, they headed  north to ******  ***** State Park .  They  found many nice stripers there,  including the one Jeff is holding  above. Check out, Nick and Betty’s website for updated  surf fishing reports from North Jersey.

Kensdock report: Kensdock Flounder rig

This time of the year is great for tying your spring flounder rigs. I caught over one hundred keeper flounder last year  and thousands of keepers over the years. I caught all of them on a rig I tie myself. Paying attention to detail is imperative. The bucktails and other lures you buy at tackle shops are mostly tied by a person that not only has never been flounder fishing but most likely has never seen one. The length of the bucktail hair and the flair are vey important. I have a few other details that I have found to by very effective in increasing the amount of hits. If you fish tournaments or would like to just increase the amount of flounder you catch I am putting together a package. The package will include five of my rigs, tied by me, with detailed instructions on tying the rigs and fishing them. I have not figured a price yet,  if you are interested e-mail me at kmcder465@comcast.net.  Remember I can only tie so many!

11-5-09 Kensdock report ASMFC weakfish board adopts addendum IV


The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission was formed by the 15 Atlantic coastal states in 1942 for the promotion and protectionNovember 5, 2009 (202) 289-6400

ASMFC Weakfish Board Adopts Addendum IV in Response to

Depleted Stock Status

Newport, Rhode Island – The Commission’s Weakfish Management Board approved measures to

reduce exploitation by over 50 percent in both the recreational and commercial sectors. Addendum IV

requires states to implement a one fish recreational creel limit, 100 pound commercial trip limit, 100

pound commercial bycatch limit during closed seasons, and 100 undersized fish per trip allowance for

the finfish trawl fishery. All other management measures previously adopted to conserve the stock and

reduce bycatch remain in effect.

The Board’s action comes in response to the stock status of weakfish. A recent peer-reviewed

assessment found the weakfish stock to be depleted, with spawning stock biomass estimated to be three

percent of an unfished stock, well below the 20 percent threshold and 30 percent target reference points

also approved by the Board as part of Addendum IV. The decline in biomass reflects a sustained rise in

natural mortality after 1995, rather than fishing mortality which has been modest and stable over the

same time period.

“The Board received a significant amount of public comment supporting a coastwide moratorium. In

recognition of this, it chose to implement measures that would discourage directed fishing, limit bycatch

mortality, and ensure that critical sampling programs remain on track,” stated Board Chair Roy Miller.

While the decline appears to have resulted from a change in the natural mortality of weakfish in recent

years, it is further exacerbated by continued removals by commercial and recreational fisheries.

However, given the high mortality levels, the stock is also unlikely to recover rapidly. The Addendum’s

measures are intended to reduce the level of harvest without creating a large amount of discards.

Addendum IV will be available via the Commission’s website at http://www.asmfc.org under Breaking News

by November 15. For more information, please contact Nichola Meserve, Fishery Management Plan

Coordinator, at (202) 289-6400 or nmeserve@asmfc.org.





of coastal fishery resources. The Commission serves as a deliberative body of the Atlantic coastal states, coordinating the conservation

and management of nearshore fishery resources, including marine, shell and anadromous species.

1444 Eye Street, N.W. — Sixth Floor — Washington, D.C. 20005

(202) 289-6400 (phone) (202) 289-6051 (fax) http://www.asmfc.org


Kensdock fishing report 8-2-09 Help the weakfish

speckled-trout-013I have been called over the top, crazy, and more by many people that do not share the passion for salt water fishing that I possess for it and other activates in life. Here are a few examples: I was called crazy last December for taking my skiff for a 5 mile ride at 2:00 am in a 30 kt. NW wind,10 degree wind chill  and no  compass. Crazy was replaced with wow when I returned to my dock with a cooler full of speckled trout. I was called nuts for talking a friend into flying me to Florida in his jet for fresh ballyhoo hours before the mid Atlantic. When Governor Florio tried to dismantle the fish and game council I use the same over the top, crazy whatever attitude to start a grass roots letter writing campaign that started in Cape May County and spread through the State of New Jersey all the way to High point in Sussex County, NJ. The thousands of individually written letters helped I am sure to change the Governors mind. I used the same crazy. Nuts, attitude to personally call over a thousand people to urge them to attend the federal fish and wildlife meeting in Cape May county co… So many of our people showed they over flowed into the parking lot. The meeting went our way to say the lest. I also started a grass roots letter writing campaign to keep the land open to hunting and salt water fishing. When the manager made the decision  to keep the land open to hunting he reported that 98% of the letters he received were in favor of keeping the land open to hunting, this was reported in the Atlantic City press. When the Cape May county park purchased hundreds of acres of traditional hunting land and decided to post no trespassing signs on the land. I used the same attitude to start up the grass roots machine to urge all cape may co. hunters to attend the Cape May co. Freeholders meeting. When Ruth fisher took the podium she asked if there was a sale on flannel shirts! The meeting turned out a record crowd that I think still stands today. The freeholders reopened the traditional land to hunting.

         Being over the top, crazy, nuts about a cause or activity   is synonymous with being passionate. Being passionate about what you are involved in brings success.

 The kind of push that it is required to bring the weakfish back has not been applied!  The kind of campaign were every salt water angler on the east coast makes a phone call,writes a letter,  sends a comment via email  to  a Congressman, Senator, Assemblymen, Governor and the ASMFC. We need letters in every News paper on the entire east coast to let all the people know about the poor condition of the weakfish. Only with this kind effort will the weakfish return to your favorite spot .                                                                                                                                           

                                                                                                      Make it happen,

        I received an email from Nichola Meserve fisheries management plan coordinator for ASMFC. She will continue to accept comments for the August 19 weakfish meeting. The comments will be printed and hand delivered from this time forward.
Send your comment today. Remember there will be people at the meeting urging the ASMFC to continue to allow commercial and recreational fishing regardless of the fact that the weakfish are inches away from the endangered species list.
Send your comment to :

  Today was filled with rain,thunder storms and downed trees. The water temperature was 67 degrees. I spoke with Bruce today, he said  he has limited out on flounder in all but one trip. Bruce is an oldgrounds, Reef, ocean flounder sharp. He has made five trips so far this year. He likes to fish tight to the structure and expects to loose 8 to 10 rigs a trip. If you are planning a flounder trip in the back bay plan on not catching any  fish to bring home.

7-28-09 Kensdock Weakfish meeting/ answers RFA and Charter ass. President Tony Bogan

speckled trout 031 
                                I have been bashed by JHutchinson of the RFA and Tony Bogon of the Charter boat ass. for urging people and their members to speak for them self’s by sending comments to the ASMFC asking for a closure  of  commercial fishing for weakfish and a closure of recreational fishing during the spawn.  Here is  my response:


The reason I urge fishermen to make comments directly to the ASMFC on the weakfish population and not to depend on the RFA to speak for them is right in “your mission statement”. The weakfish population would be last on the RFA mission list to be considered before you take a position on the regulations. Not only did I read your mission statement, I have witness it with fishing regulations and other issues” over the years. I am an avid reader of the NJ angler , NJ Fishermen and other national fishing magazines I have not seen your plan for saving the weakfish. There is two days left to comment if you would like your comment heard at the August 19, ASMFC meeting. I follow Capt. Tony and your mind set: We can not have Charter boats or tackle manufactures loose money” by pushing a closure to save the weakfish! ASMFC said they are all going to die anyway!! I will not stand behind that mind set!! To reiterate for the umpteen time. The first step is a complete closure of commercial fishing and recreational fishing in the spawning areas. The ASMFC is quick to respond to comments. Unfortunlitly the condition of the weakfish seems to be worse than they expected.

No hard feellings Tony and Hutchinson that is the way it is,


nmeserve@asmfc.org Send your comment time is short.

If you took the time to read ASMFC site on weakfish you would find they only have “theories” on the decline of the weakfish.You can bet the farm that if the ASMFC allowed the entire commercial fishing fleet loose without a limit on the amount of fish to be killed on any species of fish you would find them in the same state of devastation. Maybe you are not familiar with the proficiency of modern commercial fishing operations. Here is an example: A good friend and a big player in the commercial fishing industry told me he caught in one set 1,000,000 individual weakfish. The estimate was made by an onboard observer. Most of the fish were released. Capt. TB, do you seriously buy into the ASMFC theory that a mysterious natural killer slaughtered the weakfish off? Capt. TB, do you still represent the Charter Boat Association? Does your family member represent the RFA? Do you have family or friends on the ASMFC council? I am wondering why you are so upset that I am encouraging people to make comments directly to the ASMFC ?

I said, The “obvious first step” would be a complete closure to all commercial fishing for two years and a closure to recreational fishing during the spawn. If the ASMFC would do at least this, we will see a spike increase in the weakfish population. I will bet the farm on it!

The flounder bite has been slow the ast couple of days in the back bay. The offshore flounder bite has been slow due to ocean conditions. I will poke around tomorrow in the back bay for flounder and the inlet and right outside the inlet. The flounder should be hiding in that area some where. I just spoke with a commercial fishermen that was fishing off of Cape May NJ the last seven days at a place called the elegant trunk.They did not see a tuna the entire time. The water was blue with 50ft. of visibility. Usually this time of the year they have a school oftuna behind the boat all day. If you are thinking of making a tuna run you may want to wait a few weeks.