Kensdock report:The united boatmen and the Recreational Fishing Alliance oppose a NJ saltwater license. Who’s side are they on?

In New Jersey the groups that represent special commercial interest are not so easily identified.The recreational fishing alliance { RFA}  represents commercial interest. The  United Boatmen  also represent commercial interest . These two groups vehemently oppose a NJ saltwater license! This position is in complete disregard of the benefits a NJ saltwater license will bring to the people of New Jersey.These groups are pushing the  free regisration bill , that if passed, will turn out to be the most expensive free legislation ever to be come law in the history of the State of New Jersey.
These groups  enjoy a big comfortable seat at the table of  fisheries management in New Jersey today. . They realize what they will be up against if  a saltwater license is approved; a revenue generating, unified, politically powerful constituency of recreational anglers that will change the way of fisheries management in NJ.
Take a look at what can be accomplished with investing money in our saltwater fish stocks
Most recreational anglers support a saltwater license according to the polls that have been  taken after long debate on the subject. Taking into consideration precision and bias, the accuracy of the polls are excellent.

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