Kensdock report: Bait fish in the area !

 I noticed  schools of minnows as I was standing on my dock this morning. A good amount of them were  large bullhead minnows. Last year they did not show up at all in my area, for whatever reason. A good run of bait fish early in the spring is a good sign for the upcoming fishing season.The fiddler crabs are awake and on the move. My black lab puppy {Chase} was the first to notice the fiddler crabs. In no time, he was crunching down fiddler crabs and was covered in black mud with only the whites of his eyes showing. The water at my dock is crystal clear and is 45 degrees. There has been a few small stripers caught in the back bay area but to the best of my knowledge no keepers have been taken in Avalon,Stone Harbor, Cape May or the Wildwoods. I have not received any phone calls from bragging power plant striper sharps, so more than likely the striper bite is on at the power plant.

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