Kensdock report: Jims’ bait and tackle Mako tournament/flounder fishing update

We fished Jims’ bait and tackle Mako tournament yesterday. We fished east of the elephants trunk, the area was full of bluefin tuna and bait fish. We had a Mako jump 5 feet out of the ocean just outside of our slick, that however was the only sign of a mako we seen all day. Later we had a giant great white jump close to the boat as he was busy feeding on a school of  bluefin tuna.We  quickly trolled up a 37″ bluefin tuna on the way home. This felt like a well earned bluefin after waiting for hours for a mako that never did show up.
The liquidator had a much better day as they won Jims’ tackle mako tournament with a 278.5 pound Mako,  Motivator placed second with a 265 pound mako , Mania weighted a 215.5 for third place Pain Killer also weighed a 157 pound mako. Congratulations to the winners and thanks for letting the rest of us know they are still in the area.
The flounder bit has been good the last couple of days, everybody I talk with had at least a couple of keepers with Jim from Wildwood crest just missing limiting out with 5 keepers.

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