Kensdock report: Back bay flounder update

I was out yesterday for a  short time flounder fishing in the back bay.The first spot I stopped at the short flounder were staked up. A gentleman and his two sons had been fishing the spot for two hours  they had 34 throw backs and two nice keepers. I moved on to a summertime favorite flounder hole. This spot was loaded with flounder, also mostly shorts but I know with time spent one could catch a few keepers at this spot. I moved on to the next summertime spot this spot is out in the inlet, same way  loaded with flounder.What I found at the end of my 45 minute scouting trip was the fact the bottom of the back bay is covered in flounder. You should expect to catch at least a few keepers a tide. With the tide cycling around it will make it possible to avoid the heat by fishing the morning and evening tide. The water temperature was 65 degrees at the top of the tide. The water clarity was a 7. Fishing pressure was a 1 with 10 being  the busiest.

  2 comments for “Kensdock report: Back bay flounder update

  1. chip gruff
    July 27, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    july 27 dad n I were out today caught 1 keeper over 3# rest were toss backs tog fished for 45min. no keepers but plenty of shorts hang loose!

  2. kensdock
    July 29, 2010 at 12:39 am

    Nice Chip. I know there has been a few big flounder caught in the area I saw you tog fishing last fall. One was 7.5 pounds it was caught last friday. I am going to make time this week to check some summertime spots in the inlet. I will let you know if I do anything.`

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