Kensdock Report: Summer Flounder offshore, back bay

Fishermen from Cape MayCounty fishing in the areas of the old grounds and other offshore structure are returning with some impressive flounder. Offshore flounder fishing offers the best shot at large flounder and a bag limit catch. The Delaware Bay is also producing keeper flounder. Back Bay flounder fishing takes much more effort to find keeper size flounder this time of the year but if you are patient, you will find a few keepers. Last trip out in theBack BayI put three keepers to 22” in the cooler.  The water temperature was 64 degrees in the Back Bay. The air temperature was 95 on the water and 105 degrees in town. During a heat wave in this area the wind blows from the S.W.. South west wind causes upwelling, lowering the water temperature. If the water temperature drops more than 5 degrees in a 24 hour period the fish will not feed much, if at all. It takes a few days for them to adjust to the change in water temperature. Upwelling may slow the bite but it is good for the fish.

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