ASMFC voted for status quo summer flounder regions

We needed him yesterday    Dana !

We needed him yesterday
Dana !

State Assemblyman Bob Andrzjcak gave his full support to South Jersey saltwater fishermen at the Atlantic State Marine Fisheries Council meeting. Tom Fote Governor Chris Christie’s appointee, also made a passionate plea to the council members. Adam Nowalsky represented New Jersey also.He is an artist at public speaking and very knowledgable in fisheries management, he addressed the council. However, the council had no interest whatsoever, in anything New Jersey had to say, one member was texting.
The south Jersey summer flounder region options were overwhelmingly voted down. The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Council is made up of representatives from all the Atlantic coast states. Muscle from New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie and Federal legislators, coupled with NJDEP,NJMFC is needed for this lift.

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