Big Bluefish bite continues in the Cape May sounds

Mark and CJ  show  today's catch

Mark and CJ show today’s catch

Bluefish up to 18 LBS have been caught in the surf and back bays. It does not happen very often (understatement) that bluefish of this caliber, set up in the back bays . This is an excellent opportunity for light tackle and fly fishermen, to test the limits of their gear and skill.

Weakfish, none yet. The wind has been SW, this direction makes it difficult for the water temperature to heat up, regardless of the air temperature. I had 56 degrees at my dock at low tide today. We need 3 days of 59 degree water temperature or better, to get the weakfish bite started. There has been some big stripers caught up in the Delaware bay. It is about time they begin to drop down into Cape May County waters.

Couple of big Striper Bass  caught in the Delaware

Couple of big Striper Bass caught in the Delaware

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