New Jersey 2015 Striped Bass regulations in effect

 One of today's striped bass, at the end of the fight.
New regulations are in effect for striped bass: one fish 28″ to less than
43″ AND one fish 43″ or greater. The Striped Bass Bonus Program (SBBP)
closed on May 1 and will remain closed until September 1, 2015. When it
reopens on September 1, the SBBP regulations will be one fish 24″ to less
than 28″. The order of fish harvested does not matter.

In addition, no person may take, attempt to take, or have in possession
any striped bass from the following closed waters:
January 1 – February 28: All waters closed except the Atlantic Ocean from
zero to three miles offshore.
April 1 – May 31: Delaware River and Bay and their tributaries closed
from the upstream side of the Calhoun Street Bridge downstream to and
including the Salem River and its tributaries.

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