New Weakfish study uses tracking device

 The spring run of weakfish was

Local sharpie CJ Polhamus holds up a 2015 tide-runner weakfish. Today tide-runners are just about impossible to catch without a high angling skill set.

It is so refreshing to see this weakfish study taking place. North Carolina saltwater fishermen are financing a  comprehensive weakfish study, via saltwater license funds. The weakfish will be tracked using state of the art electronics. The Delaware Bay is a focus point of the study. The North Caroline State University research team and Delaware fish and wildlife staff are working together. They have been busy catching weakfish in the Delaware bay and releasing them with the implanted tracking device. At this point, the reason for the slow recover and the cause of the weakfish stock collapse, has been anybody’s guess. However, after reviewing all the ASMFC weakfish management decisions, it becomes glaringly apparent to me, it was mismanagement by the ASMFC…  The tide-runner weakfish population has bounced back from the low of 2009, to the point that skill sharp anglers can target and catch a few. All things considered, this in itself  was an  amazing come back. .   However, the weakfish stock remains out of reach to the average angler. Identifying the problem is the first step to solving any problem. I am confident that this study will put the weakfish on track to a full recovery.

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